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Chef Kelly’s Thanksgiving Celebration Salad

Two of my favorite vegetables are Brussels sprouts and butternut squash. This is one of my top choices for a Thanksgiving side dish, so I usually make a large bowl of this for the big feast – and not surprisingly – it’s often the first empty dish. When you roast vegetables, something magical happens… and never more than in this recipe. Plus, since I’m Irish, the colors of green and orange are on full display here!

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Jacques Pepin’s Roasted Chicken

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Roasted chicken is a hallmark of French cuisine – and perfect on chilly autumn days. Ask any chef, and you will get a different secret for making the ultimate roasted chicken. This recipe is adapted for roasting in the oven and uses a seasoning developed for Oceania Cruises by Executive Culinary Director Jacques Pépin for his rotisserie chicken in the Grand Dining Room and in Jacques on board Marina and Riviera, where you can watch the herb-crusted chicken roast to perfection on the gleaming display rotisserie.

In honor of the Jacques Pépin Signature Sailing that departs Venice today, enjoy this delicious recipe and stay tuned for photos and more from this special voyage!

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Chef Kelly’s Ginger Mojito

The Caribbean is one of the best places to enjoy flavorful food, lively music, sunny weather and refreshing drinks. This delicious ginger mojito is a true crowd-pleaser and the perfect way to re-create those island vibes. I hope you sail to the Caribbean soon with your Oceania Cruises family and raise your glasses in celebration!