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It’s been an exciting week here at Oceania Cruises. On Wednesday, reservations opened for the collection of European cruises we’ll be offering in 2012, including the Maiden Voyage of our newest ship, Riviera. By mid-afternoon we had already broken Oceania Cruises’ record for the most reservations in one day. People are extremely excited about Riviera‘s debut and also about all of the fantastic special offers we will feature next year.

As part of our continual commitment to exceeding guests’ expectations, we are constantly looking for ways to take the Oceania Cruises’ experience to an even higher level of excellence. We realized that, especially when guests are traveling overseas to board our ships, the journey prior to embarkation can be a source of anxiety. Flight delays or lost luggage can make for a rocky start to an otherwise perfect vacation. We at Oceania Cruises decided to help alleviate this challenge for our guests by offering a FREE one-night pre-cruise hotel stay in the port of embarkation for all of our Europe 2012 itineraries. Now guests can fly in a day ahead, relaxed in the knowledge that they have plenty of time to meet the ship, even if unforeseen circumstances delay their travels.

Of course, once onboard the ship, the ability to relax and savor each moment is equally important, especially with so many alluring ports of call to explore. As specialists in destination-rich cruising, we have ensured that each of our 2012 European itineraries has at least one overnight stay in port, and many itineraries feature several overnight visits. We also offer numerous departures late in the evening, allowing guests time to fully experience every fascinating destination.

For those guests with more limited time available for travel, we are offering in this collection our first 7-day voyages in Europe. Each still features the overnight stays and late evening departures that will allow guests to explore in depth at every port of call.

We are thrilled to see that these offers have been so well received by our guests and that bookings are filling at an unprecedented pace. If you would like more information on these fabulous cruises and Riviera‘s Inaugural Season, click the Promotions link above. Our 2012 European Collection brochure will go out soon, and I’ve shared a sneak peek of the cover below.

Europe 2012 Mini Cover
Thank you again to all of our loyal guests, and we look forward to seeing you onboard in 2012!





Riviera 1

I admit this photo is a bit shocking after all the ones we’ve seen of Marina in her finished, polished state of elegance and beauty. But our EVP of Vessel Operations, Robin Lindsay, is in Naples today and shared these photos of Riviera in progress, and I thought it an apt time to remind everyone that we have another new ship in the works as well. Just think, we get to relive all of this excitement in 2012 when Riviera sails on her Maiden Voyage!

Riviera is being built in a slightly different fashion than her elder sister. Whereas Marina was constructed in one building dock over a period of three years, Riviera is being built concurrently in large sections around Italy. These sections will then be towed to Genoa where they will be joined together, and she will be finished by the same craftsmen that outfitted Marina. I have certainly learned a lot about the day-to-day process of shipbuilding over the last few years!

Riviera 2

Riviera 3

Riviera 4

I can’t leave you without a few more pictures of lovely Marina. Below is a photo of the Grand Bar seating and one of Horizons set for High Tea.

Grand Bar Seating (Medium)

Horizons Tea

Below is another great shot of the pool. And have I mentioned that Marina has an 18-hole golf putting course?



The seas were a bit rough this afternoon, but the Grand Dining Room was full of guests enjoying their lunch. We appear to have a lot of experienced cruisers onboard, because few have batted an eyelash when the weather has refused to cooperate. Or perhaps like me, they are so excited about exploring Marina, there is little time to notice any rolling waves.

We are told to expect sunnier skies ahead, which is no surprise because today I must disembark the ship for a week. Just my luck. But I will return for Marina‘s christening and her Inaugural Passage and continue to share my photos, thoughts, and insights with you here on the blog. In the meantime, we do have three other wonderful ships sailing the seas, so check back for more updates!