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Oceania Cruises: 3 Insider Ship Tips, Part 2

By Guest Lecturer Sandy Cares

Several weeks ago, I shared a few of my top tips for when you sail with Oceania Cruises. Since they were so popular, I wanted to share a few more that fellow cruisers told me were helpful. Whether you are about to go on your first voyage with Oceania Cruises or your 20th, here are a few secrets to help you enjoy it even more.

1. There’s a simple way to keep your table from being cleared at Terrace Café and Waves Grill if you get up for dessert or another dish. I just love eating in the Terrace Café and Waves Grill. Sometimes I get carried away chatting with folks between the fruit selection and choice of breakfast potatoes and take a little too long, and the super-efficient wait staff clears my table. The simple solution? I started leaving my napkin over the armrest on the chair. This signals to the wait staff that you will be back.

Terrace Cafe - napkin

2. Stay current with Currents. I know, I know. You return to your room at midnight and you just want to crawl into your oh-so comfy bed. But hold on – before you put all of the papers on your bed aside, be sure to keep your latest copy of Currents handy.

This is the ship’s daily newsletter and is your key to the next day’s events and activities on board as well as the scheduled docking time, sail away time and destination highlights. This newsletter also has the all-important local port agent details should you ever need them while ashore. Glance through and highlight everything you absolutely want to do the next day or else you will be wondering how another day slipped away and you missed out on the ballroom lesson, the table tennis tournament, and Sandy’s enrichment lecture! One guest even shared that she takes a photo of Currents with her smartphone so she doesn’t have to carry the actual paper with her.


3. Guest lectures are re-broadcast on the television in your stateroom. Sometimes people say they are sorry they missed my lectures and I always reassure them, “You’re not off the hook.” That’s because my lectures, and all guest lectures, are re-broadcast on a designated TV channel in your stateroom in case you can’t attend them. Another way you can watch the lectures is in the gym on any of the cardio machines – why not give your mind a workout too?

Do you have a great insider tip for us? Share it with us on Facebook, and stay tuned for even more insider ship tips next month!





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Guest Post: Village Life in Papua New Guinea

By Guest Lecturer Dr. Ken Beattie

The amazing island paradise of Papua New Guinea is rife with contrasts. Papua New Guinea, or PNG as many refer to it, is the eastern portion of the island of new Guinea. The western region is simply known as Western Papua and is part of Indonesia. Millions of years ago, when the seas and oceans were shallower, a natural connection between this island and Northern Australia existed at the Torres Strait. As ancient as time itself, Papua New Guinea is still relatively untouched, especially in the outer villages and in the highlands, and makes for unique and exotic adventures. 




If you read The Perrin Post, Wendy Perrin’s blog for Condé Nast Traveler, you know that she
has been sharing photos and stories from her adventures onboard Marina’s Grand Panama Canal cruise. So
far she has offered a couple of posts on how to recover luggage lost by the
, great stories of the guests she has met and the activities onboard
this 20-day cruise and some wonderful photos and information about the Panama
and Cartagena.

Onboard Marina as
a guest lecturer, Perrin is offering practical travel tips and fascinating
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