6a0120a92e343a970b01901e30cc37970b-800wiOn a sailing that has
already created so many fond memories for me, last night was the most memorable
yet. As Riviera set sail from
Taormina, Sicily, I headed to Toscana with my wife, Daniela, to host some of
our most loyal guests for a dinner in celebration of Oceania Cruises’ 10th
anniversary. Through the windows of Toscana, we could see the beautiful sunset
behind Mount Etna, a perfect backdrop for a very special evening.

Riviera’s string quartet played as our guests arrived. Daniela
and I welcomed each guest, as did Captain Gunnar Romtveit and General Manager
Thierry Tholon. We were also joined by several of the senior officers, each of
whom hosted a table for the evening. Our guests were more than 50 of our most
loyal Oceania Club members, from Bronze level through Platinum, and we were
honored to be celebrating 10 years at sea with some of the guests who had made
it all possible.

Senior Executive Chef
Alexis Quaretti prepared a six-course dinner befitting the exclusive event. The
menu was printed for each guest as a keepsake to remember not only the
exquisite meal but also the wonderful company we all enjoyed as we celebrated
this special occasion together. It was such a pleasure to be able to talk with
our guests in this intimate setting and to hear their delightful stories and
fond memories of their voyages with Oceania Cruises. I was pleased to hear
that, while the ships are beautiful and the cuisine exceeds their highest
expectations, it is our officers, staff and crew

6a0120a92e343a970b01910426f36f970c-800withat truly differentiate the
Oceania Cruises experience from any other. As one guest put it, “It’s like
coming back to see family every time.”

We are so grateful to
have these cherished guests as part of our Oceania Cruises family, and I
offered a toast to their health and happiness. I was glad to have the
opportunity to personally thank them for choosing to explore the world with us
and for making it possible for us to expand our fleet and deliver even more
dream vacation experiences. We raised our glasses to the wonderful journeys
we’ve enjoyed over the past 10 years and to creating more treasured memories onboard
Oceania Cruises in the years to come.

Everyone in Toscana
last night said they are looking forward to the next decade with great
excitement, and in fact, we made a commitment to each other that we would
reunite the group and celebrate Oceania Cruises’ 20th anniversary together as
well. In the meantime, we will always cherish our memories of this special
evening, and I hope our paths cross again many times.



Greetings from the Italian Escapade sailing onboard Riviera and the ongoing celebration of
Oceania Cruises’ 10th anniversary. It has been a wonderful cruise so far, and
I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to meet many of our past and first time guests. I
couldn’t be more proud of the officers and crew who continue to make everyone
onboard a part of the Oceania Cruises family.

6a0120a92e343a970b0192abe9139a970d-320wiOceania Cruises
was founded on the vision of
a group of people with a passion for spectacular destinations and fine cuisine,
and we are enjoying both as part of this anniversary sailing. In celebration of
10 years of culinary delights, Senior Executive Chef Alexis Quaretti and Bon
Appétit Culinary Center
Executive Chef Kathryn Kelly hosted a culinary
demonstration. I welcomed guests to the event and shared a bit about the
culinary history of Oceania Cruises before turning it over to the experts to
share some of the secrets behind our exquisite cuisine.


As we were celebrating 10 years at sea, it
seemed appropriate that the chefs would prepare dishes from the sea. They
demonstrated three guest favorites: Salmon Gravlax with Cucumber Salad, Poached
Halibut with Lemon Cream Cuisson on a Quinoa Cake, and the ever-popular Red
specialty – Miso-Glazed Chilean Sea Bass. It was both educational and heartwarming
to see Chef Quaretti and Chef Kelly, two special members of the Oceania Cruises
family, working together to share their knowledge with our guests and
illustrating one of the reasons that our guests have continued to return to us
for the past 10 years: the finest cuisine at sea prepared by some of the most
talented – and entertaining – chefs in the culinary world.


Soon after the
demonstration, Riviera dropped anchor in Sorrento with the impressive Mount Vesuvius looming in the background. Situated
on a terrace overlooking the splendid Amalfi coastline, Sorrento is imbued with
charm and echoes of the ancient past.

There are a number of
appealing ways to spend a day in Sorrento, from going to see the ruins of
ancient Pompeii to visiting the Blue Grotto in Capri to simply walking around
the rustic, sun-drenched town of Sorrento. The Blue Grotto was on the bucket
list of many guests, so a group of us boarded a ferry and headed to Capri for
the afternoon.

The grotto is a uniquely
beautiful sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri. A small opening in the
cave at the surface of the water and a larger opening beneath the surface provide
the only light sources. We entered the grotto through the small opening, just
large enough for a rowboat to pass through. Inside the cavern itself was dark,
but the water was illuminated with a brilliant blue glow. The effect was
absolutely dazzling. It’s difficult to fully capture the beauty of the
experience in a photograph, so if you haven’t visited the Blue Grotto, I highly
recommend you add it to your own bucket list.


After a spectacular day in
Sorrento, we returned to the ship and enjoyed an excellent dinner at Jacques.
Then everyone gathered on the pool deck for a sail away party.

Cruise Director Leslie Jon was emcee of the event, and General Manager Thierry Tholon led the entire crew in a parade around the decks. This was truly an emotional evening as the officers and crew of Riviera celebrated Oceania Cruises’ 10th anniversary with our cherished guests.
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I look forward to more celebrations with our guests, officers and
crew, and I’ll share further stories here on the blog as our Italian Escapade continues.



The year 2013 marks a major milestone in the history of
Oceania Cruises as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. Last week Vice Chairman
Bob Binder
shared stories of the special events onboard the first of four sailings in honor of this momentous occasion. This week two more Oceania
Cruises’ executives board sailings to celebrate 10 years at sea with the loyal
guests who have made it all possible.
6a0120a92e343a970b01901e232d33970b-320wiToday, July 5th, marks the most historic of these sailings
because the man who founded Oceania Cruises, Chairman and CEO Frank Del Rio,
embarked Regatta on the very same
date that she sailed her first voyage 10 years ago. On July 5, 2003, after
being christened in Barcelona, Regatta
set sail to explore Europe on the first voyage in Oceania Cruises’ history. Now
10 years later, Regatta sails from
Seattle to discover the majestic wilderness of Alaska. Frank will host this very special anniversary sailing with his wife, Marcia, who is the godmother of Regatta and was warmly welcomed home today by General Manager Jason Gelineau and the other officers and crew.

When the anniversary sailings were being planned, Frank Del
Rio had his choice of which ship he would like to sail on. For Frank, there was
no question of which ship he would choose. “Regatta
will always be my special ship,” he says. “If it wasn’t for her, nothing else
would’ve been possible.”
6a0120a92e343a970b0192abe266f4970d-800wiMeanwhile, President Kunal S. Kamlani is celebrating the
anniversary onboard Oceania Cruises’ newest ship, Riviera. He boarded the ship in Civitavecchia on Wednesday to host
the Italian Escapade sailing.
Several special events are planned in honor of the guests as well as the
officers and crew that have been so loyal to Oceania Cruises over the years. Yesterday Kunal joined several guests, along with Chef Kelly and sous chefs Asif and Raj from the Bon Appétit Culinary Center, on a Culinary Discovery Tour. Check the blog tomorrow to read about their wonderful experience in Livorno, and watch for more stories of exciting anniversary sailing events in the coming days!