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New Innovative Gourmet Menus at The Grand Dining Room

Grand Dining Room

While The Grand Dining Room has become known for its exquisite European-inspired culinary creations, we’re thrilled to unveil a sweeping re-inspiration of our dinner menus, which now offer you the ultimate fine dining experience at sea. The menus feature an incredible spectrum of world flavors as well as an all-new Executive Chef’s Food & Wine Pairing, available every evening and featuring the chef’s selection of exquisite dishes specifically curated for their complementary and contrasting flavors. Another highlight of the menus is the new “Global Cuisine” tasting menu each evening – these are bolder and more adventurous ethnic dishes – perfect for the traveler with a spirit for spice.

The Ultimate in Dining Choice, Flexibility, and Customization at Sea
Each evening in the Grand Dining Room, you will be treated to more than two dozen dishes to choose from – six appetizers, three soups, four salads, nine main courses, and nine side dishes. Every menu incorporates our acclaimed and imaginative vegetarian dishes along with our Canyon Ranch Balanced Selections that follow their mantra for indulgent, yet healthy living. All in all, the menus offer you more than 800 dishes.

Hundreds of New Dishes Accompany Time-Honored Favorites
Whether you are sailing for the first time with Oceania Cruises or the 50th, you will delight at the diversity of selections with fresh and bold flavors, in addition to classic dishes that have been favorites ashore and at sea, for years or decades. Scintillating new additions such as herb-crusted cornish hen diavolo, Palermo-style grilled swordfish, smoked ricotta risotto, and Paul Bocuse’s Alaskan halibut Viennoise, accompany time-honored favorites such as Jacques Pepin’s quartet of beef bourguignon, salmon supreme, steak frites and herb-crusted rotisserie chicken. Other classics being reprised include involtini di melanzane alla parmigiana, traditional coq au vin, golden-friend wiener schnitzel, and dover sole meuniere.

Perfect Pairings for a Perfect Evening
Of course, if you’re looking for a more adventurous dining experience, a special evening, or just something with a healthy bend, you will want to experience one of our three new tasting menus. Reflecting our globe-trotting adventures, the new menus feature a Global Cuisine tasting every evening that focuses on a particular region, specific country, or particular cooking style – Asia, France, Cuba, India, United States, Spain, Thailand, Morocco, Polynesian, Greek, South America and Japan. If you’re seeking a healthy-living choice, Balanced Selection offers four courses of mouth-watering lighter options. The Food & Wine Pairing menu invites you to try four courses selected by our master chefs, each expertly paired with a different wine selected by our head sommelier, presenting a perfectly-paired gourmet tasting menu each evening.

These new menus are currently available onboard Riviera and will be introduced aboard Sirena in May, Insignia in June, Nautica and Marina in July, and Regatta in August. We look forward to welcoming you to The Grand Dining Room for a gourmet dining experience to remember!

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Artist-in-Residence Frank Hyder & The Janis Project

What happens when you combine art and travel? You get the worldwide, mobile and inflatable sculpture installation of a talented Miami-based artist, and one of Oceania Cruises’ artists-in-residence, Frank Hyder. Frank’s inflatable sculptures, conceived in 2008 for a group show named “Giants in the City,” found its origins in street and parade art. Janis, the giant two-faced painted head, is about 10 feet tall and is currently sailing aboard Marina with Frank. He first launched the installation aboard Nautica in 2015. This summer, he has been working on an array of colorful watercolors of Janis as the inflatable sculpture travels with him.



Oceania Cruises continues a massive $50 million refurbishment of its fleet as Nautica emerges from dry dock today. We shared some of the new enhancements when Insignia rejoined the fleet last week, but to recap, some of the highlights include elegant new decor in suites and staterooms, luxurious new furnishings in lounges, and beautiful new mosaics in the Canyon Ranch SpaClub®.



As Blogger-at-Large for Oceania Cruises, I have had the great fortune to sail on Regatta, Insignia and Nautica several times over the past few years. With only 684 guests on board, these ships feel as warm, welcoming and intimate as smaller vessels while also offering the conveniences and amenities of the larger ships. In other words, they are perfect. So it was hard for me to imagine how Oceania Cruises could improve on perfection.



As Blogger-at-Large for Oceania Cruises, I often encounter
some particularly pleasant “dilemmas” when traveling at sea. A perfect example
is when I recently awakened to find myself at the island of Rhodes on a beautiful
warm sunny day. My dilemma was this: should I spend my day on the gorgeous
beach frolicking in the indescribably blue waters of the Mediterranean, or
should I explore the beautifully preserved ancient city of Rhodes, once home to
Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World?

I know this is quite an enviable challenge to face. Rest
assured that I found a solution – I did both!

Walking distance from the pier where the ship docks, I found
Elli Beach, a welcoming beach with everything a traveler would need to enjoy an
afternoon in the sun and the warm Mediterranean waters. There are hundreds of
colorful umbrellas for the fair skinned or sun shy, rented sun decks,
beachfront taverns and plenty of delightful little restaurants.


If you haven’t fallen blissfully asleep in the warm sun or
aren’t hypnotized by the gorgeous blue waters lapping gently at the shore, you
can entertain yourself with the many other more adventurous activities like water
sports, diving or beach volley ball.


If you never make it off the beach, I seriously doubt you
will live with any regret. That being said, I did not regret exploring the
Grand Masters Palace in the old town of Rhodes.


But first, let me address the Colossus of Rhodes, because if
you are anything like me, you may be wondering, if it is so colossal, where is
it?! A towering monument to the Golden Age of this island, the colossus was one
of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Only one of these wonders, the Great
Pyramid of Giza, remains relatively intact today. It took 12 years to build the
Colossus of Rhodes, which is thought to have been completed somewhere around
290 BC. In 226 BC the statue crumbled in an earthquake, and for centuries
pieces of the statue laid in the harbor. In the 7th century, Arabs
captured the island and took all of the pieces of the colossus to Syria and
sold it as scrap metal.

As the colossus now exists only in legend, I took a peaceful
walk through the beautiful gardens just outside the Grand Masters Palace and
enjoyed some lovely views of this historic site that still stands today.

P5260210.JPG - Version 2



P5260213.JPG - Version 2

The Knights of Rhodes built the Grand Masters Palace in the 14the century. Heavily fortifying
the city, the Knights were able to successfully fight off invaders for over two
centuries until the Ottoman Empire captured Rhodes in 1522. Under the Ottomans the
palace was used as a fortress.



In 1856 the castle was destroyed by an enormous ammunition
explosion and laid in ruins until the Italian Occupation of Rhodes in 1912.
Rebuilt in a medieval style, the palace became a holiday residence for King Victor
Emmanuel III and later for Benito Mussolini.

P5260222.JPG - Version 2

In 1948, after World War II, Rhodes was transferred to the
Kingdom of Greece, and the Greeks converted the palace to a museum. It is now
part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Medieval City of Rhodes.

P5260234.JPG - Version 2

What a lovely place for Nautica
to visit on her final European port of call before sailing for Asia and Africa
for the winter season. I can promise Nautica
guests had no shortage of fascinating historic sites to explore and pleasant
activities to enjoy during their stay. If the approach of winter has you
eagerly planning a vacation for the summer of 2013, you should certainly
consider an Oceania Cruises voyage that includes this lovely Greek island on
the itinerary.