La Cuisine Bourgeoise: New Elegant Food & Wine Pairing Experience

A creamy Soufflé de Homard Plaza Athénée with lobster and cheese served from atop a gleaming silver tray – that’s happiness on a plate that harkens back to the halcyon days of the Hôtel Plaza Athenee in Paris. Pair it with an exquisite Louis Latour Meursault Chardonnay and you have just one of seven perfectly delectable courses in our latest epicurean masterpiece, La Cuisine Bourgeoise, by Jacques Pépin at La Reserve by Wine Spectator.


Artist-in-Residence Frank Hyder & The Janis Project

What happens when you combine art and travel? You get the worldwide, mobile and inflatable sculpture installation of a talented Miami-based artist, and one of Oceania Cruises’ artists-in-residence, Frank Hyder. Frank’s inflatable sculptures, conceived in 2008 for a group show named “Giants in the City,” found its origins in street and parade art. Janis, the giant two-faced painted head, is about 10 feet tall and is currently sailing aboard Marina with Frank. He first launched the installation aboard Nautica in 2015. This summer, he has been working on an array of colorful watercolors of Janis as the inflatable sculpture travels with him.


Botanic Gardens in the Caribbean

By: Guest Lecturer Sandy Cares

Lush blooms of exotic beauty and diversity welcome you at botanic gardens in destinations across the Caribbean. Established during the British Colonial era as “Horticultural Experimental Stations,” the original mission was to study, collect and disseminate plants that may be of commercial, medical or other advantage.


2017 Around the World Quilt: A Patchwork of Memories

By David & Anna Smith, Guest Lecturer & ATW Quilt Coordinator

With 36 guests participating during the 180-day Around the World voyage aboard Insignia this year, the colorful ATW quilts have been beautifully completed and raffled. This year, guests created more quilt blocks than expected so two quilts were created, one with 72 blocks and the other with 25 blocks. Each block represents a world port of call visited on the world voyage or life on board. About $2000 was raised in the raffle for the Around the World quilts and was donated to the Insignia crew welfare fund. 


Oceania Cruises: 3 Insider Ship Tips

By Guest Lecturer Sandy Cares

The more you cruise aboard Oceania Cruises, the more you get to know the ins and outs and little secrets that make life on board feel like home. Since I’ve been lecturing aboard the ships since 2010, I have a few secrets to share that I’ve picked up along the way. Whether it’s your first time sailing or your tenth, these insider tips will help make your time on board and ashore a breeze.

1. There’s a simple trick to figure out which way to turn to find your stateroom when you exit the elevator. I see it over and over again. For the first few days of a new cruise, guests emerge from the elevators and ask, “Do we go right or left to our corridor?” I have a simple tip – look for the telephone. The phone is on the side of the even room numbers.

telephone - elevator exit

2. The complimentary Bulgari amenities in your stateroom have a flip-top lid. I can’t tell you how many times I have squeezed and shaken and pleaded with them to release the contents only to end up with a big blob at my feet. One day I put my glasses on in the shower for a closer inspection. That’s something I don’t usually do in the shower but it paid off – I discovered the bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion all have wonderfully convenient flip-top lids! All you have to do is flip the lid and voila! The contents will pour out like silken honey.

bulgari flip top.jpg

3. Plan ahead in getting small bills for your time ashore. I hear about it all the time. Guests don’t bring enough small bills for tips and tchotchkes before going ashore and the Reception desk can run out of small bills. Go to the casino the night before and ask the casino cashier to help you break big bills. They will also help toward the end of the cruise when you need small –or big – bills for tips for the fantastic crew!


Stay tuned for more insider ship tips from me in the coming months!