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Q&A with Around the World Travelers

Hailing from Carmel, California, Oceania Cruises guests Charles and Janice Rauch set sail on our magnificent 2017 Around the World voyage last Friday. The couple has been sailing with Oceania Cruises for a few years now, and Janice told us that she had been dreaming of sailing around the world since she was 20 years old. They love to dance and kicked off their cruise with mimosas and dancing to the rhythms of a four-piece jazz band at the Around the World cruise reception. We caught up with them later in the afternoon on the patio of Insignia to find out how they prepared for such a big travel adventure, which destinations they’re most excited about and much more.

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On the Bridge with Captain Manzi

Many of you may recognize the smiling face of Captain Luca Manzi. Hailing from the small village of Chiavari just outside of Portofino, he has been with Oceania Cruises since the beginning. We recently caught up with Captain Manzi on the bridge of Riviera to learn about his typical day on the job, his favorite dish at Toscana, what to try in Italy and more.

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Pat & Angelo Grillo’s Guide to Days at Sea

An artist-in-residence with Oceania Cruises since 2011, Pat Grillo is an award-winning artist who has exhibited and sold her work across the country and to private collectors throughout the world. While living in southern Florida, her work was exhibited in museums and galleries in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Coral Springs and Boca Raton.

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Oceania Cruises Insider: Elegant Casual

Isn’t it wonderful to feel welcome and comfortable when traveling? It makes the experience so much more enjoyable when the ambiance is inviting, imbuing everyone on board with a sense of elegance and comfort. A sophisticated onboard atmosphere also makes it easy to pack a wardrobe that perfectly suits your taste, whether that means one cocktail dress for that special night at Red Ginger or a cocktail dress for every night of your vacation.