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Paradise Found: The Allure of the South Pacific

When you sail to far reaches of the shimmering South Pacific aboard our ships, you leave the routines of everyday life behind for adventures that elevate your travels to a whole new level. Dreamy atolls, blue lagoons, remote villages and virgin rainforests only begin to scratch the surface of the gems in the South Pacific.

Experience the paradise of the region firsthand and enjoy up-close encounters with Polynesian culture and cuisine. Revel in having Tahiti’s soaring volcanic cliffs, the sapphire seas of Moorea and the pearlescent sands of Fiji’s flawless beaches in your backyard. Uncover the lasting legacies of author Herman Melville and painter Paul Gauguin, who were so inspired by the stunning South Pacific islands. Travel further back in time at an ancient temple on Tahiti for a glimpse of sacred Polynesian traditions. On the list of seasoned travelers everywhere, our explorations of the South Pacific reveal paradise landscapes, ancestral traditions and unique insight into the local life. Here’s a brief look at what you’ll find in a few of our top South Pacific destinations.

Papeete (Tahiti), French Polynesia
Known as one of the most romantic islands in the world, Tahiti invites you to fall in love with island time as the tropical breeze over the sea carries the scent of fragrant hibiscus flowers. In the heart of the South Pacific, admire the surrounding lagoon and mountain peaks during a catamaran cruise, or take a stroll through the waterfront Jardins de Paofai. At Venus Point, walk the exact location where Captain James Cook once recorded the passage of Venus to calculate the distance between the sun and Earth. During a off-road journey, explore an uncommon side of Tahiti deep in Papenoo Valley, which brims with waterfalls and verdant flora. Crown your experience by heading to the beach for the sunset.

Suva, Fiji
Set on a hilly peninsula at the southeastern end of Viti Levu, Suva is the thriving multicultural and cosmopolitan capital of Fiji. Here you can enjoy everything from boutique shops and upscale restaurants to island adventures and cultural explorations. Spend the afternoon at an aromatic spice farm and gardens full of medicinal plants and then learn the secrets of native Fijian cooking. Take a longboat cruise along the Navua River, admiring mountain ranges and the surrounding tropical rainforest replete with exotic birds, dramatic gorges and cascading waterfalls. Meanwhile the Arts Village of Fiji offers an immersion into the evolution of the island’s fascinating ethnic history and art, including a performance by Fijian firewalkers.

Moorea, French Polynesia
Moorea is home to the often-overlooked bright blue lagoon and volcanically formed island that inspired the mythical Bali Hai from James Michener’s Tales of the South Pacific. Take in splendid views during a hike along the Sister Island’s three coconut trails or swim with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in a natural lagoon. Perhaps take a dip in the clear lagoon of Moorea with beautiful views of the island’s sharp mountain peaks, lush valleys and picturesque coastal shoreline. Then relax on a paradise beach and enjoy the warm tropical waters of French Polynesia.

Wanderlust sparked? Explore our top South Pacific voyages now.

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The Suite Life: Top 10 Butler Services

Once you’re settled in your suite, what can your Butler do to enhance your voyage? We’re so glad you asked. Trained by the Guild of Professional English Butlers, our Butlers are true professionals with the ability to meticulously attend to every detail – and even often anticipate your wishes before you realize them yourself, so the options are endless. Below are our Butlers’ top suggestions on ways they can make your voyage even more relaxing and memorable.

  1. Bring you coffee and pastries from Baristas in the morning or afternoon so you can relax in the privacy of your suite.
  2. Make your specialty dining reservations for you.
  3. Arrange shoreside dining, entertainment and transportation perfectly tailored to your preferences.
  4. Plan an in-suite cocktail party for you and your family or friends.
  5. Make arrangements or decorate for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary.
  6. Assist with laundry, dry cleaning and pressing requests.
  7. Provide advice on destination experiences or offerings and services on board.
  8. Arrange for course-by-course in-suite dining on your veranda or in your sitting area.
  9. Book your onboard spa appointments at the Canyon Ranch Spa.
  10. Draw a relaxing bath for you after an adventurous excursion ashore.

What’s your favorite butler service? Share it with us below or on Facebook!


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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at The Next Generation of Our Owner’s Suites

By Trevor R. Howells, Principal Designer at Trevor R. Howells Interior Design

From the beginning, I was thrilled to be a part of this project. As a Ralph Lauren alum myself – having worked for Ralph Lauren for many, many years – I was excited to bring my unique design sense and knowledge of Ralph Lauren Home to the project. My first impression of these Owner’s Suites when I walked in – well, I was truly blown away. I had seen the photos and the video footage, but seeing them in person, they’re awe inspiring. They’re beautiful and truly unique spaces…on land or sea. The first thing that I did was to hone in on the signature items, and the elements that I wanted to retain, and then start to create the new vision around that.

But for me, the greatest part of working on this project has been working with the Oceania Cruises team, which actually I mean Oceania Cruises family, because that’s what I learned that they really are. Everyone I’m working with is so passionate and so caring. They bring everyone in and make them feel like family. And I’m not just extremely proud of the work that I’m doing, but I’m really proud of working with the Oceania Cruises team.

Below is a closer look at what we’ve been working on for the exciting new Owner’s Suites.

The overall concept:
Nautical chic – the love of the sea, the travel, the adventure of it all. It’s about bringing the Owner’s Suites to the next level. The next generation of Oceania Cruises.

What the new suites will feel like:
Ralph Lauren is always very cinematic. There’s always a character, we go back to a sort of Hollywood movie scenario of who that character is. The adventure that they will go on. We’re looking to tell a story. We capture the Ralph Lauren classic, so navy and white, the nautical chic aspect of the travel and the adventure. You see the detail, and you feel the layering and the luxury. The timeless style. What that feels like – being on the sexiest, most sophisticated yacht.

On the design process:
I looked at everything in the suite. I wanted to infuse the suites with a modern feel, making them feel more luxurious, but still keeping them timeless and chic. The furniture, the fabrics, the lighting, the accessories, the artwork. It’s about curating the space, making it special – elevated. The artwork is curated for the love of travel and adventure. The biggest challenge was how to create something new that was measurably better, more beautiful. The bar had to be set very high.

On the new furnishings:
I selected items from the Ralph Lauren furniture line. Furniture that was iconic to the brand…not only for their craftsmanship but for their style. We’re upholstering those items in beautiful, high-end residential fabrics – they’re extremely luxurious. Suedes and leathers, wool sateens, silk velvets, metallic linens.

On the color palette:
The mood and color palette for these suites are quintessentially Ralph Lauren, bringing in the navy and white, mixed with cream and camel and ivory. The suites are a combination of solids, stripes, textures and pattern. We’re also using pops of metallic fabrics to add an extra little shimmer to each space. For the lighting, we’ve incorporated both brass and nickel, in an eclectic mix, layering the room in the way that only a Ralph Lauren room would be dressed.

Discover more about our new Owner’s Suites at OceaniaNEXT.com.

About Trevor R. Howells
In 1997, Trevor began working for Ralph Lauren Creative Services in New York City. Working within the company’s architecture and design team, Trevor was responsible for the installations of the company’s premiere flagship retail stores around the world including New York, Chicago, Palm Beach, Beverly Hills, Aspen, London, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires. At Ralph Lauren Home, Trevor was instrumental in creating the brand’s signature lifestyle themes, whether it be a California beach house, a New York City penthouse, or an English country manor. Trevor managed the construction of the Home showroom in New York City and subsequent Home retail stores worldwide. In 2012, he established Trevor R. Howells Interior Design in Los Angeles, California. He is currently working with both residential and commercial clients worldwide.

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An Insider’s Look at Our New 2020 Europe & The Americas Collection

By Mario Parodi, Vice President of Port & Itinerary Planning

Fall is my favorite time of year, not because the color of the leaves or the change of seasons, but because this is when we get to share our new Europe, Alaska, New England and Canada masterpieces with the world. After more than 10 years with Oceania Cruises, it never gets old. Born and raised in Genoa, Italy, I always have a special connection with our voyages to the Old World, especially because we reach so many smaller ports that really bring you into the daily life of the place. This season our New England and Alaska itineraries are also full of places that are little bit less well-known…you know, the kind perfect for travelers who have been there many times before.

Italy: Benvenuto a Casa
We have so many classic ports in the Mediterranean and these I like to think of as little treasures you never get tired of visiting. Places like Florence, Marseille, Amalfi and Seville…these are cities you step off the ship and immediately feel carried away, like you’re in another century. I love sailing the Mediterranean and visit family and friends in Liguria every year. Voyages like the 11-day Legacies & Legends and 10-day Italy & The Ionian are irresistible. I’ll admit it, maybe I play favorites…but for me the Mediterranean is one of the most romantic places in the world. Genoa still feels like home – it always will – even after living in Florida for so many years. One of my favorite things to when I arrive in Italy is enjoy a nice big meal, especially my favorite…trofie al pesto. This is a typical Ligurian dish and is one that, like special travels, has the power to completely transport you.

Insider’s Picks
As much as I love Italy and the Mediterranean, my favorite voyages for the season are the cruises Insignia does in August and September, especially the longer ones. The 15-day Beacons of Beauty goes to the smaller harbors of New England and Canada but also these amazing places like Nuuk, Paamiut and Isafjordur– and even better, you end in Reykjavik. Everyone should see Iceland. The 12-day Northern Serenade takes you to some classic ports – Bruges, Copenhagen and Oslo – but then you also have some hidden secrets: Lysekil, Haugesund and Tórshavn, plus one of our new ports, Lübeck, Germany.

The voyage that really caught my eye this season is the one that combines these both: the 27-day Magnificent Crossing from New York to London. The scenery up there, in those parts of Greenland, Iceland and Norway, is very different from any other place in the world and this sailing gives you time to really explore, to get a sense of this region. These longer itineraries always involve a special kind of planning in my area since we make a big effort to ensure they have unique and different ports, that the cruise has a flow. To see these types of voyages come together is always very rewarding.

I will tell you our 2020 Alaska season is also very unique because we are sailing even farther north. For me, the 14-day Glaciers & Fjords that takes you all the way up to College Fjord, Seward and Kodiak is more unusual. These places are not included on run-of-the-mill Alaska cruises and are absolutely worth a visit. Frontiers & Glaciers is another cruise that’s quite different, adding to those ports Homer during the northern leg of its journey.

So that’s my take on our new season – prego! Where will you cruise in 2020? I’d love to see your favorite choices from our new 2020 Europe & The Americas Collection below or on Facebook.

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Top Ways to Win Big O Points

Whether you’ve always been driven to win or just have a fondness for contests and tournaments, here are our favorite ways to embrace your inner competitive spirit on board and score some Big O Points. Once you’re on board, check your daily Currents and look for the Big O Points logo and activities hosted by your Entertainment Team. Regardless of what you choose, you’re certain to discover a few new ways to mingle with your fellow travelers – and you just might meet your match.

    Check your daily issue of Currents for these rousing favorites – you’ll be up against historians, scientists, professors, engineers and the like. Join trivia during the beginning of your cruise and arrive early to form the best team. It’s time to get those Big O Points!
    We’re excited to be one of the very few cruise lines partnering with Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, to bring you this challenging daily quiz on board. Put your knowledge to the test!
    Keep an eye out for hosted morning tournaments listed in Currents.
    Practice your swing, mingle with other golf enthusiasts and enjoy the chance to earn Big O Points during hosted sessions.
    Check Currents for sports deck competitions – with great views and the chance to win Big O Points, these activities can’t be beaten.
    Join guests in Martinis for cocktails and put your music repertoire to the test with this competitive classic.

What’s your favorite way to win Big O Points? Share below or on Facebook!