6 Tips to Plan for a Long Flight

We’re all for adventures Down Under, explorations throughout Asia, and alluring sailings in Tahiti — but you can’t get to your next destination without planning for the flight to your embarkation port. Preparing for an extended trip may seem like the start of a tough ordeal, but we’re here to make sure that you begin your vacation rested and relaxed. Read on for 6 tips to plan a long flight and you’ll start your next voyage ready to explore!


Top 4 Reasons to Book Early for a Cruise

Dreaming of a getaway next summer? It’s not too soon to start planning. Seasoned cruisers typically book their voyages well in advance – on average, 8 months to one year beforehand. According to travel experts from Conde Nast Traveler, The New York Times and other travel publications, the benefits of planning vacations in advance far outweigh the pros of waiting until the last minute. Here are our top reasons why it’s best to book early with Oceania Cruises.


Real Life after an Oceania Cruises Voyage

Oceania Cruises guest Brad B. from San Diego recently returned from a beautiful voyage aboard Marina that called on Mediterranean favorites such as Florence, Monte Carlo and Barcelona before ending in Lisbon. The journey featured all of the signature Oceania Cruises experiences – convivial gatherings with fellow travelers, warm personal service from world-class staff and of course, The Finest Cuisine at Sea™ at every meal. Below he shares his humorous re-adjustment to “real life” back in California.   


Q&A with Around the World Travelers

Hailing from Carmel, California, Oceania Cruises guests Charles and Janice Rauch set sail on our magnificent 2017 Around the World voyage last Friday. The couple has been sailing with Oceania Cruises for a few years now, and Janice told us that she had been dreaming of sailing around the world since she was 20 years old. They love to dance and kicked off their cruise with mimosas and dancing to the rhythms of a four-piece jazz band at the Around the World cruise reception. We caught up with them later in the afternoon on the patio of Insignia to find out how they prepared for such a big travel adventure, which destinations they’re most excited about and much more.