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Top 10 Re-Inspiration Design Highlights

Small details and designer choices are giving way to an even more luxurious ambiance and elevated cruise experience on board our four re-inspired Regatta-Class ships. Get a closer look at the enhancements coming soon to Regatta, Insignia, Nautica and Sirena.

1. A sparkling new Grand Staircase: The Reception Hall and Upper Hall will set the re-inspired tone with a new Grand Staircase framed by intricate railings and balustrades inset with crystal accents while overhead, a luminous and grand chandelier sets the space aglow.

2. Designer residential furnishings and fabrics in public spaces: Furnishings from Baker and Donghia, along with fabrics from Rubelli and Kravet, will dramatically enhance the public rooms and be set upon custom-milled carpets and illuminated by glowing crystal chandeliers above.

3. An even grander Grand Dining Room: Bejeweled new chandeliers will adorn The Grand Dining Room along with buttery soft cream leather dining chairs accented with metallic bronze threading.

4. A new personality and palette for Martinis: Our beloved bar will feature a fresh new palette of deep Grecian blue, sienna and chocolate browns and stately pewter, while silver-white marble and tobacco quartz will accent the bar. The trademark walnut paneling will add luster and whispers of familiarity.

5. A light, brighter & more spacious Horizons: This favorite space for quiet mornings, Afternoon Tea, and evening entertainment and drinks will now be even more alluring as the room is opened up to offer beautiful unobstructed 270-degree views.

6. Sleekly redefined staterooms: Each and every stateroom will feature custom-crafted furnishings, exotic stone and polished wood finishes. Supple upholstered headboards, designer draperies and chic lighting plus all new storage spaces – new closets, dressers and vanities – will make them even more spacious and attractive than before.

7. Deluxe Concierge Level upgrades: Ultra Tranquilty Beds and re-inspired verandas with stylish new furniture will elevate Concierge Level Veranda Staterooms even further.

8. Floor-to-ceiling bathroom transformations: Every fixture and surface will be new with beautiful vanities, sleek glass enclosures and perfect lighting in each and every suite and stateroom bathroom.

9. Luxury finishes in Suite bathrooms: Fine Carrara marble, polished granite and sleek onyx will also bejewel the spacious bathrooms in Penthouse, Vista & Owner’s Suites.

10. Lavish new suites: Owner’s, Vista and Penthouse Suites will be adorned in designer fabrics and furnishings echoing the serene seas and expansive skies, becoming calming and tranquil oases of quietude and relaxation.

Stay tuned for more details on our exciting Re-Inspiration coming soon!

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Unveiling the Re-Inspiration of Classic Elegance

We’re thrilled to share this exciting news with you – beginning this December, Regatta, Insignia, Nautica and Sirena will begin the transformative process of becoming four new ships in a dramatic re-inspiration without peer. Each ship will glow with a new sheen as crisp and polished as a flawless diamond. Tuscan marble, engaging works of art and designer residential furniture will adorn the re-inspired spaces. The iconic Library will be just as plush and hushed as you remember it, and magnificent views will fill Horizons as never before.

The Next Chapter for Our Iconic Regatta-Class Ships
Unveiling a sweeping array of dramatic enhancements so transformational they are inspirational, our Re-Inspiration will elevate virtually every facet of the Oceania Cruises experience. Every surface of every suite and stateroom will be entirely new, while in the public spaces, a refreshed color palette of soft sea and sky tones will surround a tasteful renewal of fabrics, furnishings and lighting fixtures that exquisitely encompasses our inimitable style and comfort. From the bejeweled new chandeliers in the gracious Grand Dining Room and beckoning Reception Hall to the sleek and calming Canyon Ranch Spa, each ship will celebrate a rejuvenation so sweeping, you will find it positively unimaginable to resist their welcoming embrace.

The Design Team Behind Our Re-Inspiration
The design team at Miami-based Studio DADO is a set of innately curious world travelers that have a passion for blending cultural, historical and natural elements into their designs. They believe that artful and thoughtful design results in comfort, celebration and unexpected delight. As our guests, you are at the epicenter of their thought process and they are just as obsessed with the small details as they are with creating memorable and timeless spaces, which you’ll see brought to life in every corner of our ships.

Better Than New
A twinkle of elegance and comfortable sophistication will refine our dining venues, creating worthy stages
for The Finest Cuisine at Sea. Imagine sipping an aperitif in the restyled Grand Bar and then sinking into buttery-soft dining chairs in The Grand Dining Room, where a renewed sense of grandeur radiates from the glistening chandelier and plush carpets.

Suites & Staterooms Renewed
Lighter, brighter and even more spacious, every suite and stateroom on board will positively glow from a
wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling re-inspiration. Custom-crafted furnishings, exotic stone and polished wood
finishes, designer accessories and an air of elegance and sophistication will be the hallmarks of our
completely transformed guest accommodations. Every square inch will be new, enhanced by nuanced
shades of the sea and sky, creating a harmonious celebration of style and comfort.

In a new world of luminous and luxurious design, rest assured that one aspect will remain constant
and unchanged: our trademark warm and personalized service. Whether you are sailing for the first time or the fiftieth, you’ll note the ease with which the staff remembers your name and your preferences along with the genuine smiles and enthusiasm that can only come from the heart.

Re-Inspiration Sailing Debut
Whatever it is that inspires your passion for travel, we look forward to welcoming you aboard the newly re-designed and re-inspired Regatta, Insignia, Nautica and Sirena soon.

INSIGNIA: Cuba CollageMiami to Miami | 10 days | Dec 7, 2018

SIRENA: Medieval MediterraneanBarcelona to Venice | 10 days | May 19, 2019

REGATTA: Colorful CaribbeanSeattle to Miami | 20 days | Sep 24, 2019


Stay tuned for our top 10 Re-Inspiration design highlights – coming later this week!

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4 Hints: Our Re-Inspiration Reveal

The countdown for our grand Re-Inspiration reveal has begun. Do you know what the next chapter for Oceania Cruises will bring? Here are four hints.

1. Beginning this December, it will become your biggest inspiration to travel.

2. Connoisseurs of Tuscan marble, engaging works of art and thoughtful design are our trusted partners and confidants in this endeavor.

3. While this undertaking will bring about dramatic and sweeping changes, our trademark warm and personalized service will remain constant and unchanged.

4. You will be invited to experience…the new jewel-box ambiance, a serene homage to the brilliance of the seas, a sense of grandeur like never before.

Stay tuned for our exciting unveiling on Monday, August 13!

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A Local’s Guide to Rome

If you’ve been to Rome once or if you’ve been one hundred times, you know that there is much more to the Eternal City than its famed tourist attractions. Rome is a town of the people, the capital of a country dedicated to its citizens.
If you want to experience Rome like a local, here are our Destination Specialists’ top off-the-beaten-path suggestions for this beautiful city.

San Lorenzo District
Via Tiburtina

The San Lorenzo District is a great place to experience Roman boutiques and get your Italian chocolate fix. Experience the family-run Candle’s Store on Via dei Campani for one-of-a-kind artisanal candles that put run-of-the-mill candle shops to shame. Whether you’re buying your friends and family hip, Italian clothing at local boutiques or sampling artisan chocolates and desserts at Said – the area’s authentic chocolate shop – the San Lorenzo District brims with perfect gifts for everyone in your life, including yourself.

Centrale Montemartini
Via Ostiense 106

After exploring so many traditional Italian museums, you might be ready for something different. The newest addition to the Capitole Museums in Rome, Centrale Montemartini is a former power plant turned museum displaying ancient statues. A three-minute walk from Basilica San Paolo, this unique Greco-Roman museum is a must-see juxtaposition of the old and the new. The thought-provoking contrast between the industrial world and classical art is a testament to Italian ingenuity that makes this stunning collection well worth a visit.

Nuovo Mondo
Via Amerigo Vespucci 15

Within the homey neighborhood of Piazza Testaccio, you’ll find Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio, a daily market that favored by locals. Take time to experience Rome’s delicacies while shopping the market. Browse overflowing stalls filled with fresh fish, fresh and cured meat, freshly picked herbs and vegetables and ripe, colorful fruit. You can sit in the open piazza in the middle of the square and savor some fresh and local treats. However, we recommend saving room for the best pizza in Rome at a local favorite, Nuovo Mondo. At this humble, bustling restaurant, satisfy your senses with authentic Roman thin-crust pizza and the quintessential Italian experience.

Benvenuti a Roma! Welcome to the real Rome with these hidden secrets.

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An Inside Look at Two Unforgettable African Safaris

An African safari tops most travelers’ bucket lists for its once-in-a-lifetime appeal, the thrilling adventure of witnessing Africa’s wild animals in their natural habitats and the stunningly exotic scenery. Senior Manager of Destination Services Christine Andrusyshyn is our resident expert in all things related to land tours and has a special passion for safaris. Christine recently had the chance to experience two of our African safaris first-hand, and we sat down with her to get an inside look at what they were like, what types of African wildlife she saw and much more.

Pumba Water Lodge, South Africa


Tell us about the ambiance of the lodge: From the moment we arrived we were welcomed with open arms and friendly smiles. All of the beautifully appointed chalets overlooked the huge watering hole where animals come throughout the day to drink – and at night we could hear the hippos in the water! The 12 stone-walled, thatched chalets were all very spacious with viewing decks and plunge pools, fireplaces and complimentary port wine. We were there during their winter so they even put hot water bottles under the covers at turndown – this was a lovely touch. The décor was very British colonial safari, completely done in dark, exotic woods.

What wildlife did you see? So many different types — we saw a herd of lions with cubs and white female lion, impalas, giraffes, elephants, warthogs, so many species of birds, hippos, Cape buffalo and much more! Most exciting for me was when a herd of elephants wandered right past our vehicle and stopped to eat right next to us as if we weren’t even there. We also spotted a white female lion sleeping on a rock and little lion cubs that came out from the trees to play next to our jeep. Our ranger was extremely knowledgeable about everything we saw.


Evening safaris include sundowners at sunset which was an amazing experience. Our ranger stopped in a clearing in the bush and set up drinks and snacks behind the vehicle. It was so peaceful until a massive heard of some impalas stampeded by us at top speed, obviously spooked by something. We didn’t take any chance. We high-tailed it out of there – it was exhilarating!

What were meals at the lodge like? An early morning spread of biscuits, toast and coffee and tea is served before going out on the morning game drive. After game drives, breakfast is buffet style with both hot and cold options as well as menu selections for eggs and other à la carte items. Lunch and dinner are both served at the lodge’s restaurant with several selections for appetizers, main dishes and desserts. All drinks Every meal was served like a work of art – beautiful presentation, gourmet quality and absolutely delicious. Afternoon tea included refreshments and light snacks before heading out for the evening game drive.

When can you experience it? As an overland tour on Nautica in 2019 and on Insignia in 2020. Here are a few options:

South African Explorer | Cape Town to Cape Town15 days aboard Nautica departing January 5, 2019

Safaris, Sands & Splendors | Cape Town to Singapore30 days aboard Nautica departing January 20, 2019

Around the World in 180 Days | Miami to San Francisco180 Days aboard Insignia departing January 8, 2020

Shamwari Bayethe, South Africa


How did the feel of this lodge compare to Pumba Water Lodge? While Pumba was quite British Colonial, Bayethe was much more modern. This lodge is set on a game reserve that houses 6 lodges and 3 education and rehabilitation centers on more than 60,000 acres – it’s massive. At Bayethe, you stay in a tent but each tent is truly a luxury tent. Nothing is spared and we actually felt like we were in a cabin or lodge. Each luxury tent is surrounded by the forest so you feel like you are completely on your own. It’s very private with long walkways to each tent. Our tent had a king-sized bed, seating area, coal-burning stove, separate bathroom area with tub, an outdoor private shower, a beautiful viewing deck and a plunge pool. The main lodge area houses the cozy dining room with two fireplaces, plus a swimming pool with an outdoor seating area on the deck, all overlooking a watering hole. The staff here was incredibly warm and welcoming as they were at Pumba.

What wildlife did you see? We saw so many amazing animals here and in so many different landscapes – jungles, wetlands, mountainous areas, open and arid regions. Two separate herds of lions casually walked by our jeep as if we weren’t there. We also had a face-off with an elephant – he came right up to the jeep and stared at us. We didn’t move a muscle and then after about five minutes, he calmly walked away. We also saw plenty of zebras, several varieties of antelope, pumbas, hippos and much more. The sunsets were spectacular here…the sky was filled with every shade of orange and pink. Our ranger here was also very knowledgeable and helpful.


The safari jeeps were especially great here, seating two people per row and in the middle of each row was a console with blankets inside if needed. The jeeps are covered and there’s a pull-out platform that makes getting in and out much easier. Plus, each row was higher than the row in front of it.

What were meals at the lodge like? They were very similar to Pumba Water Lodge. There’s a large breakfast buffet and a lovely restaurant for lunch and dinner with a wide selection of gourmet dishes. Afternoon tea was particularly amazing here – all types of cakes, sweets and coffee and tea. The wait staff even had jars of candies and nuts with scoops and small bags so that guests could take the snacks on safari.

When can you experience it? As a post-cruise land tour aboard Nautica in 2019 and Insignia in 2020. Here are a few options:

Serenity to Safaris | Dubai to Cape Town 30 days aboard Nautica departing December 7, 2019

Atlantic Adventures | Buenos Aires to Cape Town36 days aboard Insignia departing March 4, 2020

Atlantic Endeavor | Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town25 days aboard Insignia departing March 15, 2020


Inspired? Start planning the African safari of your dreams.