Oceania Club Reunion Cruise : Milestones and Memories


Executive Vice President James Rodriguez shares stories from the Oceania Club Reunion Cruise, sailing from Rome to Lisbon on board Marina.

The Oceania Club Reunion Cruise is one of my favorite events of the year because it gives me the chance to see past guests with whom I’ve sailed before, and so many have become dear friends. I also enjoy meeting new Oceania Club members for the first time, hearing all the stories of their cruise, and having the opportunity to thank them for their loyalty. Our guests have always been my favorite part of cruising, and the Oceania Club Reunion Cruise is all about celebrating our guests.


Q&A with our Loyalty Marketing Manager


Neli Arias, our Manager of Loyalty Marketing, has been with Oceania Cruises since 2010 and has become a familiar face among many of our cherished guests. She began assisting with Marina’s Inaugural events when she first came on board, eventually shifting to work on national accounts, which ultimately led to her current role. Neli delights in meeting our guests and has gotten to know a great number of them over the years. She’s looking forward this year’s Oceania Club Reunion Cruise with our Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, James Rodriguez, in November. Below we caught up with Neli to hear more about her and her role at Oceania Cruises.


11th Oceania Club Reunion Cruise Highlights & Memories

Neli and James with Jack & Leah Cohen and Bill & Rhoda Baker

By Neli Arias, Manager of Loyalty Marketing

The Oceania Club Reunion Cruise is always an exciting voyage that I look forward to planning and celebrating, and this year’s was another tremendous success. James Rodriguez, Senior Vice President of Sales & Chief Marketing Officer, and I had the privilege of hosting nearly 500 loyal guests ranging from Blue Level to Platinum Level on the Artistic Discoveries voyage sailing from Venice to Barcelona aboard beautiful Riviera. 




When Vice Chairman Bob Binder was on Oceania Cruises’ 10th anniversary sailing onboard Marina
last month, he shared some photos from the gala anniversary brunch. After seeing the spectacular celebration created by Oceania Cruises’ talented chefs, I was especially looking forward to this event when I embarked the anniversary sailing onboard Riviera. As always, our brilliant chefs did not disappoint.