Guest Post: Top World Travel Adventures


Passionate traveler and Oceania Cruises guest Isabel G. shares some of her most memorable travel experiences, plus where she’s dreaming of next.

As a passionate traveler I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to see many parts of the world. Some places were harder to travel to than others and some cultures were more unique and surprising. Throughout the years, I’ve learned that one of my favorite ways to visit some of the farthest corners of the world is aboard a small ship – with Oceania Cruises.     


Our Captains’ Favorite Destinations: Captain Hansen


Our Captains have sailed to the far corners of the globe, so we’re always curious about which destinations they love the most after experiencing so much of the world. We recently sat down with Captain Meinhardt Hansen, who is from Klaksvik, a small fisherman’s town in the Faroe Islands to learn more about him and discover his top destination.


Guest Post: A Personal Look at the Panama Canal


By Guest Lecturer Lawrence Tartaglino

Sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge of the Caribbean Islands and the Panama Canal is a special treat for me. Although experiencing a transit of the Panama Canal is a “bucket list” item for many people, for me, the canal holds a special place in my heart. Most people know the history of the challenges and hardships endured by the builders of the Canal: from the failure of the French to the ultimate American success due to ingenuity, a deep commitment and good timing. For me, however, the story of the canal begins not in France, Panama or Washington D.C., but in Genoa, Italy.


Tango: A Hidden History

Dancer Portrait


Mention tango and many immediately think of its beautiful presence on the dance floor between two refined dancers; however, tango is much more fascinating and complex.
Travelers in Argentina marvel at the sight of performers in the street sharing their talents. Elegant partners dramatically glide across stages in Buenos Aires. But, where did this passionate dance form come from?