3 Amazon Experiences Not to Miss

Christine ManjencicThe Amazon River is a wild and untamed region of the world whether you’re exploring it for the first time or have cruised up and down it many times like our Vice President of Destination Services, Christine Manjencic. After sailing the Amazon more than 20 times, she’s become intimately acquainted with the ins and outs of sailing this remote part of the world – and yes, she assures us, it is still very remote. Below are the top experiences Christine tells us you really shouldn’t miss during one of our Amazon cruises.


Guest Post: Dogsledding Adventure in Juneau

Alaska is a fascinating destination filled with unspoiled wilderness and natural wonders. Our expertly crafted shore excursions invite you to immerse yourself in the region and truly embrace the landscape and culture that surrounds you. Two of our guests, Greg & Joan R., recently shared their memorable dogsledding experience in Juneau from their Alaska cruise last summer. Read about their excursion below – the perfect inspiration to begin planning your own Alaska voyage.


Expert Photo Tips for Tours and Shore Excursions

Who doesn’t wish they could better capture the colorful and unique moments of their travels?  David Smith, a world travel & fine art photographer from Vancouver, will join Insignia as a photo coach on several segments of the Around the World in 180 Days voyage. His recent publications include the Wall Street Journal, National Geographic Traveler, Geo Saison Magazine and USA Today Travel Online. Below, he and his wife, Anna, share simple and effective tips for taking better photos on shore excursions.



There are certain places in the world that are worth revisiting
because they are so rich in history and beauty. Ephesus is one of those places,
and as Blogger-at-Large for Oceania Cruises, I had the great fortune of visiting
this extraordinary archaeological site twice. Today guests onboard Riviera’s Sacred Sanctuaries voyage explored the ruins of this magnificent



As snow continues to fall in many places around the world,
Oceania Cruises’ Riviera is cruising
in the warm waters of the Caribbean on the popular Mayan Mystique voyage. Guests are enjoying not only the beautiful
weather but also the opportunity to explore some of the fascinating remnants of
the ancient Mayan civilization, renowned for its fully conceived written
language as well as remarkable advancements in
architecture, math and astronomy.