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Top 5 Bermuda Spots From St. George

There are two reasons you’ll want to be on deck when you sail into St. George, Bermuda. First, it allows you to fully appreciate the intimate size of your Oceania Cruises ship, as the entrance to the port traverses a remarkably narrow inlet to access the harbor. Second, it’s gorgeous. The extensive coral reefs in surrounding waters create varying depths that manifest in every shade of blue you can imagine, and the rocky coastline rises to a lush green landscape of gentle hills speckled with pastel houses.

Needless to say, you’ll be eager to disembark and explore this paradise of more than 100 islands. You might tour St. George in a horse-drawn carriage or perhaps hop on a motorbike and jet off to the Royal Naval Dockyard to discover Bermuda’s rich maritime history. In the capital of Hamilton, you could rent one of the electric mini-cars that have recently become available here, offering a fun way to explore the islands on four (tiny) wheels. That said, if you simply feel like a stroll, you can enjoy a delightful day by letting your own two feet transport you to any – or all – of the places below.

The Town of St. George: Just steps from the pier, you’ll find the quaint and colorful town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its well-preserved colonial architecture and fortifications. An enthusiastic man in colonial dress welcomes you to the pretty Town Hall, which sits on King’s Square along with a replica of a pillory that can provide a fun photo op. Continue through town to shop the tax-free boutiques.

Unfinished Church: An uphill walk of a few blocks along Government Hill Road takes you to the Unfinished Church. Begun in 1874 but never completed due to storm damage and parishioner disagreements, the Gothic structure is quite lovely, and you might even glimpse a local wedding while you’re there.

Tobacco Bay Beach: Over the hill past the Unfinished Church on the north side of St. George’s Island, you’ll find Tobacco Bay Beach. Shallow turquoise waters and a protective reef along the bay make it perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Afterward, grab a rum punch at the café and relax on the soft sands.

Achilles Bay Beach: Continue along the coast from Tobacco Bay Beach and you’ll soon reach Achilles Bay Beach. This secluded stretch of sand might be nearly deserted, and if you linger until sunset, you can take in fantastic views from the terrace of the adjacent restaurant.

Fort Saint Catherine: If the military history of Bermuda intrigues you, check out Fort Saint Catherine across from Achilles Bay Beach. The impressive fort houses a museum and – as you would expect of a fort – offers panoramic views of the sea.

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Top 4 Destinations for Fall Foliage

Watching the leaves change from deep, lush greens to vibrant oranges, golds and reds is a favorite fall pastime and nowhere is better for fall foliage adventures than New England and Canada. Whether you’ve never experienced a fall foliage cruise before or you’ve been drawn back to the charming region again and again, be sure to check out these top spots during peak leaf-changing season to admire Mother Nature’s annual masterpiece.

  1. Acadia National Park, available from Bar Harbor, Maine
    Always an attraction regardless of the season, 47,000-acre Acadia National Park positively radiates every autumn with the glow of its changing fall leaves. The park’s 27-mile main loop is lined with postcard-perfect photo opportunities.
    Shore excursion to try:
    Acadia National Park & Carriage Ride
  2. Cape Breton Island, available from Sydney, Nova Scotia
    At the eastern end of Novia Scotia, Cape Breton Island offers stunning ocean views and endless vistas of treasured fall foliage. Particularly beautiful are Cape Breton Highlands National Park and the shores of the famed Bras d’Or Lakes.
    Shore excursion to try: The Bras d’Or Lakes Grand Tour
  3. Plains of Abraham, available from Quebec City, Quebec
    Quebec City’s Central Park, Plains of Abraham offers the perfect balance of cosmopolitan pleasure and natural beauty. The 250-acre oasis in the heart of the city is also the perfect place to pause with a cup of hot chocolate and drink in the sea of red, orange and yellow leaves.
    Shore excursion to try: Grand Exploration of Quebec
  4. Prince Edward Island’s Heritage Roads, available from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
    Discover the vivid apricot-orange of sugar maples, the blazing vermilion of red maple and sumac and the golden yellows of poplar, birch and beech trees along one of Prince Edward Island’s (PEI) unpaved and very scenic Heritage Roads.
    Shore excursion to try: Anne of Green Gables & Island Drive

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An Insider’s Look at the Nazca Lines

Located in a dramatically dry plateau about 250 miles from Lima in Peru’s Nazca Desert, the Nazca Lines are a mysterious collection of etchings that can be admired from a bird’s-eye view. These etchings, called geoglyphs, were carved into the desert ground thousands of years ago.

First Discovery
This UNESCO World Heritage site was first discovered in the 1920s when a commercial airline flew over the land and passengers mentioned that they saw images on the desert floor. The lines weren’t officially noted until 1939 when American professor Dr. Paul Kosok flew over the desert on a mission to study the irrigation systems of pre-Inca civilizations. The symbols were so exceptional that geologists took interest and have been studying the secrets of these lines for decades. The lack of rain has largely protected these desert drawings from erosion for thousands of years.

The Great Mystery
Today, there are about 300 figures, including animals, plants and shapes, that compose the Nazca Lines. This site has come to be recognized as one of the most perplexing archaeological discoveries in the world. The drawings were created by people in ancient civilizations starting in 200 B.C. and continuing for hundreds of years. The mystery of the lines centers on the reason they were created. Some claim that the lines were created by aliens to be viewed from space, while others say they were made for ancient astronauts. Still more propose that they were created for pilgrims to follow towards temples and others cite water rituals as the central purpose for the lines.

When you travel to Pisco, Peru, experience the intrigue of this UNESCO site firsthand – choose the Nazca Lines Overflight excursion, which takes you soaring over the desert for incredible views of these famous lines. No one knows the truth about the secrets of this site, so enjoy the flight as you ponder the mysteries and come to your own conclusion.

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Behind the Scenes with our Destination Specialists

“The most unforgettable travel moments unfold when you feel completely immersed in another world and can embrace the true spirit of a place.” That’s how Vice President of Destination Services Christine Manjencic sums up what creates a meaningful travel experience. With that as the guiding inspiration,
our expert team of destination specialists curates imaginative destination experiences in more than 450 awe-inspiring ports around the globe, inviting you to experience the unique essence of each as you sail the world.

It Takes a Village
Planning and organizing a unique collection of shore excursions for each port is no simple feat. The process begins by forging relationships with local tour experts and develops from there, often with imaginations inspiring new tours. Manjencic explained that it’s truly a team effort, and that our shoreside office pays particular attention to our Destination Services staff on the ships. The best insight always comes from those who intimately know the place.

“We encourage the shipboard staff to explore new possibilities and give us their recommendations,”
Manjencic said. “They are traveling the world and spending time with our guests – they see first-hand what is desired, how we can raise the bar, what we can do even better.”

Beyond our knowledgeable Destination Services Managers on board and local top-rated tour guides
in every port, our in-house team has in-depth travel and destination experience that they call on to
design new tours.

“I worked on ships for 18 years before joining the shoreside Destination Services team – my experiences from all of those years in different ports are really useful when organizing unique, insider-style tours for our guests,” Manjencic explained. “The saying it takes a village is so perfect for what we do – from start to finish the number of people involved in organizing and executing each shore excursion usually winds up being dozens.”

A Tour for Every Traveler
Whether you love active adventures that keep you moving as you explore a new destination or delight in experiencing a new culture through its local cuisine and culinary traditions, we have the perfect excursion for you.

“With excursions focusing on cultural exchanges, history, adventure, cuisine, natural wonders and so much more, there really are options tailored to every kind of traveler,” Manjencic said.

Having a fleet of smaller boutique hotel-style ships also means you have access to destinations that are more remote and out of reach for larger cruise lines. Enjoy the best of both worlds with explorations
that include both corners of the world less touched by tourism and iconic attractions. The best part? All of the logistical and operational details are taken care of for you no matter what you choose. Once
you’ve booked your shore excursions, you can enjoy each destination from the moment you arrive until you sail away, without worrying about whether you will make it back to the ship in time or how you
will get from one area to another.

What are you waiting for? To start choosing shore excursions that suit your travel style, visit My Account on OceaniaCruises.com or explore the options before you book.

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4 Top Wellness Experiences in India

What better corner of the world to slow down and re-discover your inner peace than India, the birthplace of yoga and ancient Ayurvedic practices? With a rich tradition in healing, wellness and spirituality, it’s one of the most sought-after locales for wellness retreats. From guided meditation to Ayurvedic consultations, these unique shore excursions invite you to delve into India’s centuries-old relationship with wellness as you explore the best of each destination.

  1. Harbor Cruise & Ayurveda Experience | Cochin, India

    Combine Cochin sightseeing with a traditional Indian wellness experience at an Ayurveda center. Begin by enjoying sweeping views of cosmopolitan Cochin during a picturesque cruise around the city’s harbor after which you’ll visit an Ayurveda center for an insightful consultation with a traditional Ayurveda doctor. Ayurveda, a holistic healing practice, was developed in India more than 3,000 years ago and promotes good health by keeping the mind, body and spirit in balance. At the center, also enjoy a wonderfully rejuvenating massage with natural herbal oils. Later, explore some of the top landmarks around Fort Cochin, such as the unusual Chinese fishing nets, the 16th-century Mattancherry Palace and more.

  2. ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Art of Living & Goan Heritage | Goa, India

    Practice an ancient form of effortless meditation at the Art of Living, an institute dedicated to creating a stress-free and violence-free society to attain world peace. Learn more about deep-breathing techniques and mantras from your meditation expert, and tap into the reservoirs of peace, joy and creativity within. Following the meditation session, visit the nearby Goa Chitra Ethnographic Museum for a fascinating look at ancient Goan culture and lifestyle.

  3. Meditate While Cruising | Goa India

    For the ultimate in relaxation, a guided meditation is united with a serene cruise down one of Goa’s many beautiful rivers. As you sail along the naturally beautiful shoreline in a unique houseboat, a yoga guru will guide you through a series of meditative postures. Using controlled breathing techniques, experience a revitalization of your body, a calming of your mind and an increase in positive energy. To enhance the experience even further, you’ll enjoy a healthy lunch before returning to the pier.

  4. Yagna Encounter & Mumbai’s Ancient Temple Complex | Mumbai, India

    Enjoy the fascinating and unique experience of joining several spiritual Hindu ceremonies in sacred locations across Mumbai. Begin at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, a spiritual oasis set upon four sprawling acres, where you’ll join a Hindu “Aarti” prayer ritual and morning chant. Also visit the famed Banganga, an ancient sacred water tank filled with waters believed to have healing powers – and is among the holiest sites in Mumbai. Here you’ll watch priests perform a special rite called Yagna. The experience is crowned with a visit to the Lalbah spice market, which brims with aromatic, colorful spices.

Join us in India this winter or spring for rejuvenating wellness experiences and unforgettable cultural immersions.