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Northern Beauties: Bordeaux, Dublin & St. Petersburg

Where do our experts recommend you go in these sought-after cities of the north? From château picks to Dubliner favorites, here are our top recommendations and insider tips.


Bordeaux: La Perle d’Aqiutaine
Although no single destination can claim to offer the quintessential best of France, Bordeaux makes even Francophiles question the notion. The UNESCO World Heritage city is a visual feast of ornate buildings, broad avenues and stately squares all accompanied by a renowned gastronomy culture and some of the most coveted wines in the world. Enjoy the surrounding vineyards by sampling the local cabernet sauvignon and merlot – the region is revered by oenophiles as the epicenter of excellence for reds. Stop at Château Margaux and other famed vineyards along Route des Châteaux in the Medoc region. Whichever estate you visit, you’ll experience both impressive cellars and experts that are eager to share their passion for wine making, as well as their exquisite varietals.

Insider Tip | Follow the chefs to Le Marché des Capucins, where you’ll find butchers, fishmongers, fruit, vegetables, flowers – and yes, wine. Moustached vendors and beret-donning shoppers complete the old world French ambiance.

Dublin, Ireland: The Fair City
An ancient city that buzzes with life and is one of Europe’s finest capitals, Dublin is a living museum with medieval castles and 18th-century architectural splendors as well as legendary distilleries and world-famous breweries. Discover some of the best sights during a leisurely cruise along the Liffey River or a walking tour through the charming Georgian squares of Merrion and Fitzwilliam, and by Dublin Castle and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. No visit to the city is complete without experiencing the convivial Dubliner pub culture, so pop into The Brazen Head, dating back to 1198, for a pint and hearty beef-and-Guinness stew. Of course, a tour of the Guinness Storehouse is a must for stout aficionados as is Old Jameson Distillery for whiskey connoisseurs.

Insider Tip | Leave yourself time to wander and savor the atmosphere that makes Dublin so charming. After all, it is the ultimate city for flâneurs – you’ll feel the art of slowing down all around if you pay attention.

St. Petersburg: The Venice of the North
Built on more than a hundred islands in the Neva Delta and connected by canals and bridges, St. Petersburg was once called the “Venice of the North” by Goethe. With so much art, culture and history packed into one canal city, the challenge here is deciding what to do. If you haven’t already, spend some time exploring the vast collection of the Hermitage, one of the world’s finest museums which features European masters such as Renoir, Monet, and Van Gogh. Also visit the elegant pavilions and gardens of Peterhof Palace and the gilded galleries of Catherine Palace. For those looking to get off the beaten path, discover the famed Russian writer’s flat at the Dostoevsky Museum or stroll the Udelnaya Fair to discover a wealth of Soviet ephemera, pre-revolutionary antiques and all things kitsch.

Insider Tip | From late May to early July enjoy the legendary White Nights – luminous midsummer eves when the sun barely sets and you can enjoy wonderful panoramas and the celebratory spirit across the city.

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The Water of Life: Single Malt Scotch Tastings On Board

As you sail the North Sea, charting dramatic Scottish coastlines dotted with medieval fortresses, towering cliffsides and rugged headlands, discover the perfect accompaniment to your unforgettable views at one of our memorable Single Malt Scotch Tastings.


Scotland’s most famous whisky export, single malt scotch is whisky that’s produced in batches from water, malted barley and yeast at a single distillery using copper pot stills. Celebrated for centuries as the “water of life,” whisky involves an ancient process that’s been refined over centuries – not quite alchemy, but almost, as our bartenders and sommeliers can attest. Nearly every stage of the production process influences the taste and aroma of the final product, from the stills at the distillery to the peat and fermentation.

Wherever you may be on your whisky journey, a little insight on flavor and technique can go a long way. Our Single Malt Tastings on board bring you the chance to savor and experience some of the world’s most renowned single malts such as:

  • Dalwhinnie Classic, a 15-year-old malt from the windswept Highlands of Scotland with a heathery honey finish
  • A 12-year-old Cragganmore, an elegant Speyside malt with complex aromas and a smoky maltiness
  • A 14-year-old Oban from Oban Distillery, which overlooks the Firth of Lorn in an ideal location for a single malt with the perfect balance between Highland and Islay

Savor the spirit of Scotland with one of our rousing Single Malt Scotch tastings next time you are on board – check your daily Currents for times and locations or see the Head Bartender or Executive Cellar Master for details. Isn’t time you kick back with a wee dram of this world-famous elixir?


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The Cotswolds: England’s Hidden Gem

Rolling hills, open skies, ancient villages and secret gardens where time has stood still for centuries – this is the Cotswolds. A rural region in south central England known for its beautiful stone-built villages, historical towns, stately homes and enchanting gardens, the Cotswolds has come to symbolize quintessential England. 

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Discover the History and Grandeur of Scandinavia & Russia

The Baltic region has many faces, and you will find new joys and unexpected delights in each one. The romance of Copenhagen is found in not only its meandering canals but also its centuries-old palaces, including the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a grand castle just north of the city. Riga’s reputation may be intertwined with that of the former Soviet Union, but as a historic Latvian city, it has become one of Northern Europe’s crown jewels.