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Ernest Hemingway’s Havana, Cuba

By Guest Lecturer Sandy Cares

Hemingway first arrived in Cuba on a cruise ship sailing from Paris to Key West in 1928. The brief stop left such a lasting impression that the writer moved to Havana in 1939 and stayed until 1960. The long-anticipated opening of Cuba to American travelers now offers the opportunity to explore several of Hemingway’s fabled island stomping grounds, several of which I’ve had the chance to explore during the spring aboard Oceania Cruises.

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Botanic Gardens in the Caribbean

By: Guest Lecturer Sandy Cares

Lush blooms of exotic beauty and diversity welcome you at botanic gardens in destinations across the Caribbean. Established during the British Colonial era as “Horticultural Experimental Stations,” the original mission was to study, collect and disseminate plants that may be of commercial, medical or other advantage.

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Inspirations at Artist Loft with Noel Suarez

Join Noel in Artist Loft this summer aboard Riviera, from June 14th through June 28th and again from July 25th through August 22th. We recently caught up with him to learn more about his recent classes in the Caribbean and hear about his favorite Mediterranean inspiration and his plans aboard Riviera this summer.

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Visiting Cuba for the First Time: A Cuban-American Perspective

By Oceania Cruises Guest Isabel G.

I’ve wanted to go to Cuba for a very long time and I was fortunate enough to finally sail on the Marina to Havana just this past March. Over the years I’ve met many people who have traveled to Cuba and everyone shares a different perspective.