Guest Post: The Infamous Past of Devil’s Island


By: Sandy Cares

Tucked away on South America’s northeast coast is a mysterious three-island archipelago composed of Île Royale, Île Saint-Joseph and Île du Diable, or Devil’s Island, once known as the Salvation Islands. Each of these storied tiny islands, which together served as a French penal colony between the mid-19th and 20th centuries, had a different purpose.


Guest Post: Bermuda’s Charm & The America’s Cup

Horseshoe Beach in Hamilton, Bermuda

By Guest Lecturer Lawrence Tartaglino

Bermuda has long been regarded as a perfect vacation spot for sightseers, water sports enthusiasts, honeymooners and lovers of British culture. From glimmering pink sand beaches, crystal clear waters and fascinating shipwrecks in which to dive to charming British culture and Caribbean calypso, Bermuda is a beautiful, inviting destination.


Oceania Cruises Announces Inaugural Voyages to Cuba


Miami, Florida, Thursday, December 8, 2016 – Oceania Cruises revealed today its first three inaugural voyages from Miami to Cuba. On December 7th, the company announced that it has received official government approval from the Republic of Cuba to operate cruises to the island beginning March 2017.  The line announced it will inaugurate its calls in Cuba with one 14-day and two 10-day Caribbean cruises from Miami aboard Marina. Each of these voyages will call on the storied city of Havana with two of the voyages staying overnight and offering guests two full days in this legendary destination.


President & CEO Bob Binder: 10 Reasons to Sail during the Holidays


As the colors of autumn begin to turn with the approaching chill of winter, my thoughts turn to two things: the holidays and escaping to the tropics. Of course, there’s never been a better time to run off to the palm-fringed beaches of the Caribbean or explore the myriad cultures and fascinating history of the Pacific Riviera.

If you’ve never thought of taking a cruise over the Yuletide season, here are 10 reasons to sail during the holidays: