Top Five UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Explore in Cuba

To travelers around the world, Cuba conjures a particular atmosphere – architecture of another time, cultural legacies alive in the people, tropical rhythms in the streets, a fascinating past that endures across the island. More than anything else, Cuba is a place to arrive and soak up the culture, history, and experiences with the locals. Below are our top five UNESCO World Heritage sites to explore in Cuba during one of our voyages to this intriguing island.


Chef Kelly’s Croquetas Cubanas

I love Cuban sandwiches, so this recipe brings the flavor profile of a traditional Cubano to this classic finger food. Whenever I have gatherings, these are always a crowd favorite, so they make the perfect surprise for parties. I make them the night before, refrigerate the balls overnight and they come out perfectly. Enjoy them with a mojito and imagine yourself in a classic Havana bar. Read on to find out how to make Cuban croquetas!


A Chef’s Look at Bermuda: Restaurants, Markets & More

Where do chefs dine in Bermuda? We caught up with Director of Culinary Enrichment & Executive Chef Kathryn Kelly and Chef Instructor Annie Copps to discover the best spots on the island for food lovers and culinary connoisseurs. As any chef will tell you, cuisine is the key to the soul of a place – the perfect excuse to eat your way through Bermuda! Restaurant prices are typically on par with New York and San Francisco, but with some insider tips the experience will be worth it. From St. George to Hamilton and beyond, here are Chef Kelly and Chef Copps’ top recommendations for markets, restaurants and culinary experiences.



By Oceania Cruises Guest Marisol M.

With its mysterious and fabled past, Cuba has long enchanted me. Living in Miami, I’ve come to know and love so many Cuban natives, so I’m excited to see what this charming island has in store for me during my cruise this fall. Here’s what locals say you shouldn’t miss when you travel to Cuba.


Guest Post: The Infamous Past of Devil’s Island

By: Sandy Cares

Tucked away on South America’s northeast coast is a mysterious three-island archipelago composed of Île Royale, Île Saint-Joseph and Île du Diable, or Devil’s Island, once known as the Salvation Islands. Each of these storied tiny islands, which together served as a French penal colony between the mid-19th and 20th centuries, had a different purpose.