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Top 5 Bermuda Spots From St. George

There are two reasons you’ll want to be on deck when you sail into St. George, Bermuda. First, it allows you to fully appreciate the intimate size of your Oceania Cruises ship, as the entrance to the port traverses a remarkably narrow inlet to access the harbor. Second, it’s gorgeous. The extensive coral reefs in surrounding waters create varying depths that manifest in every shade of blue you can imagine, and the rocky coastline rises to a lush green landscape of gentle hills speckled with pastel houses.

Needless to say, you’ll be eager to disembark and explore this paradise of more than 100 islands. You might tour St. George in a horse-drawn carriage or perhaps hop on a motorbike and jet off to the Royal Naval Dockyard to discover Bermuda’s rich maritime history. In the capital of Hamilton, you could rent one of the electric mini-cars that have recently become available here, offering a fun way to explore the islands on four (tiny) wheels. That said, if you simply feel like a stroll, you can enjoy a delightful day by letting your own two feet transport you to any – or all – of the places below.

The Town of St. George: Just steps from the pier, you’ll find the quaint and colorful town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its well-preserved colonial architecture and fortifications. An enthusiastic man in colonial dress welcomes you to the pretty Town Hall, which sits on King’s Square along with a replica of a pillory that can provide a fun photo op. Continue through town to shop the tax-free boutiques.

Unfinished Church: An uphill walk of a few blocks along Government Hill Road takes you to the Unfinished Church. Begun in 1874 but never completed due to storm damage and parishioner disagreements, the Gothic structure is quite lovely, and you might even glimpse a local wedding while you’re there.

Tobacco Bay Beach: Over the hill past the Unfinished Church on the north side of St. George’s Island, you’ll find Tobacco Bay Beach. Shallow turquoise waters and a protective reef along the bay make it perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Afterward, grab a rum punch at the café and relax on the soft sands.

Achilles Bay Beach: Continue along the coast from Tobacco Bay Beach and you’ll soon reach Achilles Bay Beach. This secluded stretch of sand might be nearly deserted, and if you linger until sunset, you can take in fantastic views from the terrace of the adjacent restaurant.

Fort Saint Catherine: If the military history of Bermuda intrigues you, check out Fort Saint Catherine across from Achilles Bay Beach. The impressive fort houses a museum and – as you would expect of a fort – offers panoramic views of the sea.

Join us in Bermuda in 2019!

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A Local’s Guide to St. George’s, Grenada

The Caribbean offers seemingly endless tropical islands to experience, but one of the most fascinating is Grenada. This island has some of the most scenic vistas and beautiful hiking trails throughout the Caribbean. Of course, Grenada also provides breathtaking beaches, cultural attractions, excellent shopping and festive island-style dining. Here’s what our Destination Specialists recommend.

Esplanade Mall
St. Juilles Street

Step off the ship and into a mall with more than 50 shops with gifts for everyone. As a part of the cruise terminal, this bustling mall is a great place to stop before or after a fun excursion. Although this area may seem touristy, this is the perfect place to purchase locally-made clothing and Grenadian rum to bring back for yourself or your loved ones. Just outside the mall, live music by locals keeps the atmosphere laid-back and festive. Vendors lining the square sell everything from sunglasses to aromatic spices such as local cinnamon and nutmeg.

Patrick’s Local Homestyle Cooking Restaurant
Lagoon Road

A home-turned-restaurant, Patrick’s Local Homestyle Cooking Restaurant will satisfy your taste buds with Grenadian favorites and a homey atmosphere. A small restaurant, Patrick’s is a family-run establishment and offers the chance to try more than 10 dishes in small portions, so you can have a taste of traditional fare in its many delicious forms. Sample dishes such as callaloo soup, breadfruit salad, fried plantains, curried chicken and much more. This restaurant is popular visitors and locals alike because of the fresh island flavors and authentic Grenadian cuisine.

Fort Frederick
Richmond Hill

If there’s one place you don’t want to miss on Grenada, it’s Fort Frederick. This historic site was built by the French in 1779, but ended up being used by the British to defend the island against the French. Fort Frederick is well-preserved and a must-see for anyone interested in history. Although the fort is small, its intriguing story and spectacular views make it well worth it. The fort offers stunning panoramic views of Grenada and the surrounding sea.

The culture- and history-rich island of Grenada may not be the most well-known, but it’s one you’ll certainly remember long after your visit. We hope to see you in the beautiful Caribbean this winter!

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A Guide to Our Uncommon Caribbean

As one of the most popular travel and cruise destinations in the world, you’ve probably explored the iconic beaches and beautiful isles of the Caribbean before. But with 26 countries and over 7,000 individual islands in the Caribbean, there are plenty of still-undiscovered destinations to add to your travel wish list – even for travel and cruise connoisseurs. Our Caribbean voyages invite you to discover the uncommon Caribbean, charting the lesser-known coastlines and bringing you to more boutique ports and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Here are few delightfully less-traveled Caribbean islands well worth exploring.

Kingstown, St. Vincent
With plenty of old world charm, rolling emerald hills and a picture-perfect harbor, plus some the best sailing waters in the Caribbean, this island is certain to become one of your favorite escapes. Kingstown’s 250-year-old Botanical Gardens are home to countless exotic plants and make for a perfect morning excursion. Delve deeper into St. Vincent’s natural treasures with a guided hike along the Vermont Nature Trail to learn about the island’s unique, rare and endangered flora and fauna, including the colorful St. Vincent parrot. To strike even further off the beaten path, sail to neighboring Bequia on a catamaran and explore its lovely Front Street.

Kralendijk, Bonaire
The least developed island of the ABC islands, Bonaire is a small desert-landscape island renowned for diving and snorkeling due to its pristine coral reef, a designated national park, located just a few feet from the shoreline. Sail to the stunningly beautiful waters of Klein Bonaire for exceptional snorkeling where you might spot parrotfish, angelfish, sea horses, sea turtles and more. If you prefer to stay above water, glass-bottom kayaks and boats offer another great way to witness all of Bonaire’s colorful marine life. Those looking to delve into the island’s otherworldly landscape – filled with craters, giant cacti and limestone plateaus – will want to venture to Bonaire’s east coast on a thrilling 4×4 adventure.

Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe
For a taste of French flair in the tropics, Guadeloupe is your answer. You might choose to spend the day in the charming sugar town and fishing village of Sainte Anne, filled with restaurants, boutiques, a lively market, a lovely seaside promenade and an excellent white sand beach. Mountainous Basse-Terre, the main western island is equally alluring – discover the lush volcanic landscape with a guided hike in Guadeloupe National Park, visit the Montebelo rum distillery for a tasting or explore the Botanical Gardens in Deshaies.

Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
The birthplace of Calypso, this Caribbean nation and its capital city of Port of Spain are big on atmosphere. Immerse yourself in Trinidadian culture with a traditional performance at the Cultural Center or a visit to Pan Theater for a rousing steel band performance. Head into the heart of Trinidad to Asa Wright Nature Center for a closer look at the island’s incredible diversity of wildlife, butterflies and tropical plants. Bird lovers will want to visit Caroni Bird Sanctuary – an idyllic wetland that attracts thousands of unique water birds – and rum aficionados should stop at House of Angostura, Trinidad’s premier rum distillery.

Roseau, Dominica
This nature lover’s island is filled with lush rainforests, misty waterfalls, geothermal springs, rare plants and birds – and plenty of adventures. Go on a tubing adventure down the meandering Layou River or hike to the stunning trio of waterfalls at Trafalgar Falls. The Emerald Pool, part of the UNESCO-protected, Morne Trois Pitons National Park, is another choice option. Chocolate lovers shouldn’t miss the unique experience of learning all about cocoa bean processing and making chocolate treats at Dominica’s oldest estate, Bois Cotlette.

Come join us in the tropics this winter and experience an entirely new side of the Caribbean.

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4 Winter Caribbean Getaways Not to Miss


With paradise islands to suit every personality and sunshine and palm trees all around, the Caribbean in the winter is one of those travel choices that always seems exponentially more attractive once the dreary skies and cold weather has hit. Now’s actually the perfect time to reserve your cruise – but which one to choose? Here are our top picks for 2018 Caribbean cruises.

Balmy Breezes | 12 Days aboard Riviera Departing Miami November 27, 2018
This alluring Eastern Caribbean itinerary transports you from the bliss of Aruba and Bonaire to lush Grenada, beach-blessed Barbados, stunningly beautiful St. Lucia and beyond. As the warm winds of the Caribbean carry you from one sun-drenched port to another, chilly temperatures will be hundreds of miles away and laid-back island life will be yours.

Sunny Charms | 10 Days aboard Riviera Departing Miami December 9, 2018
The perfect answer to early winter blues, this voyage features French-chic St. Barts, stunning St. Lucia, the sugar-sand beaches of Antigua, plus the Dutch flavor of St. Maarten and the colonial treasures of Old San Juan. This itinerary also offers plenty of days at sea to relax and enjoy the luxurious amenities of Riviera. Even better, this cruise makes holiday shopping a breeze with all of the island markets and unique handicrafts you’ll encounter along the way.

Caribbean Pearls | 14 Days aboard Riviera Holiday voyage departing Miami December 19, 2018
Why not celebrate the holidays surrounded by turquoise seas and palm-lined islands? This holiday voyage features Caribbean stars such as Barbados, Antigua and St. Lucia as well as unique off-the-beaten-path ports such as Kingstown, St. Vincent and Roseau, Dominica. Ten island paradises balanced by 3 leisurely days at sea, this is indeed the perfect escape from the holiday rush.

Caribbean New Year | 15 Days aboard Insignia Holiday voyage departing Miami December 27, 2018
Now this is the proper way to start 2019 – sailing amidst the gorgeous ABC islands, a tropical drink in hand and surrounded by sunshine and easygoing island rhythms. Experience some lesser-known treasures: the diver’s paradise of Bonaire, culture-rich Curaçao and Guadeloupe, the Pearl of the French Caribbean. The spice island of Grenada, verdant St. Lucia, glamorous St. Barts and fun-loving Puerto Rico also offer plenty of tropical adventures. Crown the journey with a few leisurely days at sea to soak in the sunshine before heading north.

See you in the Caribbean this winter!

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Our Destination Experts’ Insight: South America & Cuba in 2019-2020

On a journey with Oceania Cruises, you can indulge your sense of adventure with explorations featuring immersive journeys and tantalizing new destinations across the most breathtaking corners of the globe. From the invigorating rhythms of Brazil and Havana to the magical scenery and rugged beauty of Chile, some of the most sought-after destinations across South America and Cuba come alive in our new 2019-2020 Tropics & Exotics collection. Read on for a sampling of just a few of the great voyages in these regions, plus more about our unique wellness tours offered in South America.


Destination Specialists’ Featured Voyages

Amazon Interlude | November 23, 2019
Miami to Miami aboard Insignia | 25 Days

This magnificent journey combines relaxing days on tranquil Caribbean islands with more than a week exploring the exotic wilderness of the Amazon River, where you’ll have the chance to spot pink dolphins, toucans, sloths, howler monkeys and many other unique species.

Picturesque Patagonia | December 19, 2019 – Holiday Voyage
Buenos Aires to Santiago de Chile aboard Marina | 16 Days

With this voyage that transports you from the beautiful beaches of Uruguay to the beguiling Chilean Fjords, you’ll have unforgettable celebrations in some of the most stunningly beautiful locations in world – filled with dramatic deserts, towering granite mountains, glaciers, ethereally blue lakes, the Pampas and much more.

Cuba Impressions | February 1, 2020 & March 8, 2020
Miami to Miami aboard Sirena | 10 Days

With three overnights in Cuba, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know the country, from visiting Ernest Hemingway’s former home in Havana to touring a traditional tobacco factory in UNESCO-protected Cienfuegos and soaking up the thriving trova music scene in lively Santiago de Cuba.

Brazilian Rhapsody | March 4, 2020
Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro aboard Insignia

After visiting two ports in scenic Uruguay, it’s time to see some of the many shades of Brazil – the warm and inviting sands of Ilha Grande and Buzios, beautifully preserved Portuguese colonial architecture in Parati, the Coffee Museum in Santos, samba shows in Rio de Janeiro and more.


Wellness Tours Inspired By Canyon Ranch
On these voyages to South America, there’s no shortage of cultural diversions and natural wonders to inspire your sense of adventure. With our exclusive collection of wellness tours in South America – also offered Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand – there will also be plenty of options to unwind, reconnect and find balance in this part of the world. In Buenos Aires, you might cruise to an enchanted island and spend the day doing yoga and enjoying freshly prepared healthy cuisine at a serene hideaway created by art collector Claudio Stamato. In Santiago de Chile yoga and wine come together in a refreshing union at Viña Casa Marin. Practice yoga, pranayama breathing and mindful meditation at this picturesque boutique winery, and then cap the experience off by enjoying selections of their top dishes and wines. Perhaps learn the key to preparing healthy Peruvian dishes as you explore Callao’s markets with a local chef and then learn how to prepare several dishes yourself. Options across South America abound; visit our OceaniaCruises.com for more details.

Start dreaming – your perfect voyage to South America or Cuba is waiting.