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Asian Noodles: A Chef’s Guide

By Director of Culinary Enrichment & Executive Chef Kathryn Kelly

Anyone who has ever set foot in an Asian grocery store realizes that the world of Asian noodles is vast. They’re also an essential part of the culinary culture with a history tracing all the way back to the third century BC during the Han dynasty. My favorite thing to do in Asia is to visit the local markets and explore all the various noodles on offer – I always learn something new.

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Chef-Recommended Dishes in Bali + Recipe

The ultimate way to get to know a destination, according to a chef? Through sampling its traditional and local dishes, of course. Eating in Bali is an adventure unto itself, and the island’s most renowned dishes are abundantly flavored with local herbs and spices, exciting chefs, foodies, and travelers alike. Below are our chefs’ top picks for tantalizing your taste buds when you visit beautiful Bali, Island of the Gods.

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Guest Post: Zen Buddhism Meditation Experience in Vietnam

By Oceania Cruises Guest Michael U.

One of my favorite things to do whenever I travel is discover off-the-beaten-path spots that aren’t in the guidebooks or travel sites. From my recent cruise in Asia, one of my most memorable days was definitely the excursion my wife and I took in Ha Long Bay – we went on a really unique monastery and meditation tour that took us into the countryside.

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4 Unforgettable Experiences in Hong Kong

By Oceania Cruises Guest Mariela U.

One of the great cities of the world, Hong Kong is fast-paced, filled with dizzying bazaars, amazing restaurants and a dynamic cultural landscape. It’s also constantly transforming. I recently visited Hong Kong before my cruise aboard Insignia with my husband, and we had the chance to experience this city for two full days. From delicious dim sum to the treasured Tian Tan Buddha, here are four of my favorite experiences in Hong Kong. 

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The Local’s Experience: Top 4 Asia Shore Excursions

monastery in vietnam, Top 4 Asia Shore Excursions

Looking to dive a little bit deeper during your exploration of Asia? In each of our ports, our destination experts bring you unique experiences designed for seasoned travelers seeking an authentic slice of the local culture. Below are our top 4 Asia shore excursions for getting an inside look at the continent.