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Postcards from Amazing Alaska

The arrival of summer brings beautiful, adventure-filled days in Alaska. Whether riding the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad from Skagway or soaring above Alaskan wilderness during an unforgettable seaplane flight from Prince Rupert, Alaska invites you to discover one-of-a-kind experiences wherever you choose to explore. As Regatta prepares to sail New England during the fall, we’re remembering this summer’s stunning Alaska season in photos. A big thank you to our dedicated Destination Services team for sharing such wonderful photos!

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We can’t wait to return to Alaska next summer!

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Personalized Alaskan Fishing Trip & Luncheon

From the dramatic and rugged landscapes to the endless wildlife and rich cultural heritage, there’s always more to discover in Alaska. This summer, indulge your senses in the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness during a relaxing personalized fishing excursion accompanied by a delightful al fresco seafood luncheon while in Ketchikan.

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Guest Post: Dogsledding Adventure in Juneau

Alaska is a fascinating destination filled with unspoiled wilderness and natural wonders. Our expertly crafted shore excursions invite you to immerse yourself in the region and truly embrace the landscape and culture that surrounds you. Two of our guests, Greg & Joan R., recently shared their memorable dogsledding experience in Juneau from their Alaska cruise last summer. Read about their excursion below – the perfect inspiration to begin planning your own Alaska voyage.

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Guest Poem: Majestic Alaska

Wildflowers sprout from fissures in rocks worn smooth by the wind, and time is measured by the groan of glaciers, not the hands of a clock. This is Alaska, with its many wonders and fascinating settlements.

Earlier this year, California resident Nathaniel Robert Winters and wife cruised through Alaska aboard Regatta. It was Mr. Winters’ first cruising experience – which inspired him to write a delightful poem revealing the many aspects that make Alaska absolutely extraordinary.

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Unspoiled Alaska | Q & A with Oceania Cruises President Jason Montague

Oceania Cruises President Jason Montague recently visited the captivating land of Alaska. Though Jason has traveled throughout the world, this was the first time he took a step back and let nature vaunt its many wonders. From the breathtaking scenery of Juneau to the grandiose glaciers surrounding the Inside Passage, Jason described Alaska’s natural beauty in one word, majestic.