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Top 10 Ways to Meet & Mingle with Fellow Guests

Once you are on board, it’s time to relax and get to know your new home. Below are our guests’ favorite ways to socialize with fellow cruisers on board and meet new travel friends during their voyage. Next time you are on board, we invite you to try a few new spots and activities to meet and socialize with other guests.

1. Enjoy cocktails at The Grand Bar.

2. Socialize at the Captain’s Welcome Party.

3. Join a hands-on cooking class at The Culinary Center.

4. Play Team Trivia & Brainteaser Trivia.

5. Gather with friends for fresh illy® coffee at Baristas.

6. Meet fellow creative travelers at Artist Loft.

7. Participate in bridge lessons & tournaments.

8. Spend an evening at the Casino.

9. Practice your swing on the Sports Deck.

10. Unwind with cocktails during jazz nights at Martinis.

What’s your favorite way to mingle with other guests on board? Share it below or in the comments on Facebook!

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Inside An Artist’s Cruising Journal

By Dorothy Simpson Krause

Dot KrauseOn Riveria, Marina and Insignia, I’ve traveled to the far corners of the globe as I inspire and help guests in Artist Loft to create meaningful work – I’ve sailed everywhere from Denmark, Latvia and Norway to Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and French Polynesia to Oman, Egypt and Israel to Aruba, Curacao and Grenada. What journeys I’ve had.

Journal cover


I’ve been an artist-in-residence on Oceania Cruises since 2012, and for these past several years I have also been keeping an on-going journal that chronicles and captures the places I visit during the voyage. From the beginning, I hoped that the journal wouldn’t be completed on a single cruise but would span a number of voyages.

For me, this journal is the perfect way to pay homage to the places I’ve been because it allows me freedom in what I include and the elements or details that are meaningful and memorable to me. I mostly collage the journal pages with interesting images or ephemera that I find on the voyages. The inside front cover incorporates an image of Riviera which was cut from an Oceania Cruises brochure. Other pages also use Oceania Cruises images combined or contrasted with found objects and images from other sources. They’re designed to capture the spirit of the place without being location specific. To provide continuity, the pages have been given the effect of age with pigment and watercolor using stencils and rubber stamps in brown and sepia.

Journal inside 4In order to be able to add to the journal, instead of working in a bound book I folded sheets of cream-colored paper into 5.5” x 6.5”-sized pages and placed them into a rectangular piece of pigskin cut from an outdated jacket. Designed to wrap around the pages with considerable overlap, the leather allows the journal to expand over time. It was painted with layers of acrylic paint and rubbed with gold metallic pigment to give it a patina. A Riviera 2012 commemorative pin was affixed to the wrapped cover to hold an elastic band in place and provide both a closure and a focal point.

Journal page
When my journal, entitled “Oceania” is complete, I’ll sew the loose pages into the spine of the cover to hold it all together. Currently I’ve completed 67 pages, and I look forward to adding many more to come as I meet more of you on board!

About Artist-in-Residence Dorothy Simpson Krause
Dorothy Simpson Krause is a painter, collage artist and printmaker who incorporates digital mixed media into her art. Her work is exhibited regularly in galleries and is in the collections of more than two dozen museums. Dot is a Professor Emeritus at Massachusetts College of Art where she taught for 35 years, and has also been an Artist-in-Residence at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, as well as at many other celebrated institutions. She is the author of Book + Art: Handcrafting Artists’ Books, and co-author of Digital Art Studio: Techniques for Combining Inkjet Printing with Traditional Art Materials. You can see her work at www.DotKrause.com and www.facebook.com/DotKrause.

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Artist-in-Residence Frank Hyder & The Janis Project

What happens when you combine art and travel? You get the worldwide, mobile and inflatable sculpture installation of a talented Miami-based artist, and one of Oceania Cruises’ artists-in-residence, Frank Hyder. Frank’s inflatable sculptures, conceived in 2008 for a group show named “Giants in the City,” found its origins in street and parade art. Janis, the giant two-faced painted head, is about 10 feet tall and is currently sailing aboard Marina with Frank. He first launched the installation aboard Nautica in 2015. This summer, he has been working on an array of colorful watercolors of Janis as the inflatable sculpture travels with him.

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2017 Around the World Quilt: A Patchwork of Memories

By David & Anna Smith, Guest Lecturer & ATW Quilt Coordinator

With 36 guests participating during the 180-day Around the World voyage aboard Insignia this year, the colorful ATW quilts have been beautifully completed and raffled. This year, guests created more quilt blocks than expected so two quilts were created, one with 72 blocks and the other with 25 blocks. Each block represents a world port of call visited on the world voyage or life on board. About $2000 was raised in the raffle for the Around the World quilts and was donated to the Insignia crew welfare fund. 

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A Passion for Travel: Part II

As it is for many of you, our passion for travel at Oceania Cruises is endless, shaping so much of what we do each and every day. In a continuation of our recent post on our new video series, A Passion for Travel, we’re sharing what makes our team members, officers and staff so passionate about travel. Read on for more travel inspiration.

My passion for travel started when I was very young and I’m so happy to now being sharing this lifelong interest with my three young boys as they grow up and our family travels together. I feel so fortunate, both personally and professionally, to be able to do what I do each and every day – share that passion for travel with others.

James Rodriguez | Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing


I have always believed that in life one should always have a story to tell. When you travel, you get that opportunity to tell a story and hopefully, through your story, you can inspire others to travel and see the beauty created in so many different cultures everywhere. I continue to travel as I simply feel that I have not collected enough moments and I am always yearning for more stories to tell.

Randall Abrahams | Executive Concierge

Maroje Brajicic2.jpg

Ultimately, we travel to experience the unseen and to create lifetime memories. Those that are passionate about travel also want to share this passion with others. Just as our guests are creating memories, so are our crew members. On the Insignia we are very fortunate to be on the Around the World journey and experiencing so many destinations. We’ve been able to organize more and more tours for the crew and they really love to explore new parts of the world. I just asked a crew member that was signing off the other day if he had enjoyed it. He told me it was just incredible, he said “I’ve never seen so much of the world – it’s been my best job ever.”

For me, Seville, Spain was incredible. I felt so much pride to be able to take our guests up the river into the heart of the destination. That was unforgettable.

Maroje Brajcic | Captain

 Jennifer Lihos_vietnam_scooter

I travel for the excitement of the unknown and remote, exploring faraway places with cultures very different from my own. It’s exciting not knowing what’s in store and feeling outside of your comfort zone. It makes life more interesting.

Jen Lihos | Vice President, Creative & Brand Management

Thierry - Sail away from NY

My passion is learning about life through traveling and exploring new things. It excites me when I visit new places, learn different cultures, and see other people live a life that is different from mine. I love to travel because it makes me realize that the world is an amazing place and there is so much to admire and treasure. Traveling gives me the chance to learn more about myself and expand my horizons.

Thierry Tholon | General Manager

Chef Alban photos 108.jpg

Traveling is about people and people love food, so I enjoy immersing myself in each country and discovering how a culture is defined by their culinary customs. Naturally, I am passionate about new flavors – every single place I have traveled to has a special taste that inspires me and all that I bring to the kitchen.

Alban Gjoka | Senior Executive Chef

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