14th Oceania Club Reunion Cruise Reflections

By Oceania Club Manager Neli Arias

Having just returned last week from our 14th Oceania Club Reunion Cruise in the Mediterranean, I’ve been reflecting on what a special voyage it was. I had the pleasure of co-hosting the sailing with our Senior Vice President, Nikki F. Upshaw and we both had a fantastic time meeting so many guests and enjoying explorations in this spectacular part of the world. From celebratory dinners at Toscana and La Reserve by Wine Spectator to cliff-side cafes in Santorini and floating in the Dead Sea, what I know will stay with me in the months to come is the feeling of camaraderie and friendship that you felt everywhere on this voyage.


Guest post: Sandy’s Tropical Trivia, Part II

By Sandy Cares

If you’ve joined me on board for my lectures, you know how much I love all things Caribbean – the history, the culture, the art, the landscapes – and of course, the weather. Last month, I shared some of my top tropical trivia questions. Get inspired to plan your next voyage to the sunny Caribbean with this second round of island trivia questions. I hope to see you on board this fall! Scroll below the photo slideshow for the answers.

  1. Which Caribbean island is the birthplace of the man on the U.S. $10 bill?
  2. Which Caribbean island is the birthplace of an Empress?
  3. Which Caribbean nation has a staircase fit for a queen?
  4. Which Caribbean island is famous for “fence surfing?”
  5. Which Caribbean island served as “Area Hotel” for two U.S. astronauts?

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  1. Alexander Hamilton, the first U.S. Secretary of Treasury, was born in Nevis in 1757.
  2. Josephine Bonaparte was born in Martinique in 1763.
  3. The Queen’s Staircase in Nassau, Bahamas honors Queen Victoria’s reign.
  4. This dubious “sport” is a highlight of Maarten beachgoers who cling onto a chain-link fence as jumbo jets land close enough to blast them right off their feet!
  5. Grand Turk played host to John Glenn when the Mercury “Friendship 7” space capsule splashed down in February of 1962. Scott Carpenter splashed down later that year.

For more fun trivia and insight on the islands, join me in the sunny Caribbean soon:

Regatta | November 17, 2016
Miami to Miami, 12 Days

Regatta | November 29, 2016
Miami to Miami, 23 Days

Regatta | December 22, 2016
Miami to Miami, 16 Days


Around the World Quilt Project Completed

Around the World (ATW) quilters aboard Insignia’s 2016 Around the World in 180 Days cruise have reason to celebrate. Several months ago, guests aboard the world cruise began a monumental quilting project – and their ATW quilt creation, a stunning work of fabric arts, is now complete! About 36 ATW guests and entertainment staff – from beginners who have never sewed before to expert quilters – contributed a total of 72 blocks depicting destinations and activities during the 180-day adventure on Insignia. Each block was uniquely created on board using a wide variety of fabric techniques from simple embroidery sewing to elaborate fabric painting and applique stitching.


Q&A with Artist-in-Residence Noel Suarez

A nationally recognized artist, Cuban-born Noel Suarez has been commissioned by both public and private organizations, including New York’s AIDS Relief Fund, the City of Miami Beach and Absolut Vodka. He has been featured in The European Library of Artists’ 100 Contemporary Artists of the World. Noel’s work is recognized by broad bold strokes, a surging energy of color and by the carefully crafted anatomy of his figures.