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Chef Kelly’s Favorite Coconut Shrimp

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There’s something magical about the turquoise waters of the South Pacific and the local tropical ingredients that inspire flavorful fare. This classic recipe uses the standard breading technique of flour, egg, and bread crumbs, but with a twist – chickpea flour. I love the nutty taste of the chickpea flour as a substitute for traditional white flour. A proper breading technique creates a coating that steams the fish inside, so be sure to avoid overcooking it.

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Real Life after an Oceania Cruises Voyage

Oceania Cruises guest Brad B. from San Diego recently returned from a beautiful voyage aboard Marina that called on Mediterranean favorites such as Florence, Monte Carlo and Barcelona before ending in Lisbon. The journey featured all of the signature Oceania Cruises experiences – convivial gatherings with fellow travelers, warm personal service from world-class staff and of course, The Finest Cuisine at Sea™ at every meal. Below he shares his humorous re-adjustment to “real life” back in California.   

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Inside Barcelona’s La Boqueria with Chef Alban

By Senior Executive Chef Alban Gjoka

From the moment you step off the Ramblas in Barcelona, you hear the market stalls buzzing with people, you smell the fragrant fruits and freshly caught seafood, and you can almost taste the freshly pressed orange, pineapple, mango and coconut juice stacked on the shelves. No matter how many times I arrive in Barcelona, I never get tired of coming to La Boqueria market just off of La Ramblas. It happens to be one of my favorite markets in Europe, and in one of the European cities I love most.  

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Chef Spotlight: Laurent Trias

Continuing our special series spotlighting our passionate and innovative Executive Chefs, we recently sat down with Senior Executive Chef Laurent Trias to discover his own unique culinary story. Below he reveals family influences, his “can’t live without” dishes, a few of his recent exciting culinary discoveries and much more.

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Vince Ferragamo: A Night at La Reserve

I still remember the taste of the braised short rib with the Silver Trident Cabernet Sauvignon – amazingly tender combined with layers of fruit and spice in the wine, an all-star pairing in my book. It was only the second night of my cruise with my wife, Jodi, and my daughter, Cara, and we were enjoying a celebratory night at La Reserve by Wine Spectator aboard Riviera. Our longtime friends, the Tellones and Tarquins, were dining with us and celebrating milestone anniversaries. It seemed like the perfect way to kick off our cruise together since so much of what we enjoy together is good food and good wine.