Vince Ferragamo: A Night at La Reserve


I still remember the taste of the braised short rib with the Silver Trident Cabernet Sauvignon – amazingly tender combined with layers of fruit and spice in the wine, an all-star pairing in my book. It was only the second night of my cruise with my wife, Jodi, and my daughter, Cara, and we were enjoying a celebratory night at La Reserve by Wine Spectator aboard Riviera. Our longtime friends, the Tellones and Tarquins, were dining with us and celebrating milestone anniversaries. It seemed like the perfect way to kick off our cruise together since so much of what we enjoy together is good food and good wine.


Chef Kelly’s Thanksgiving Celebration Salad


Two of my favorite vegetables are Brussels sprouts and butternut squash. This is one of my top choices for a Thanksgiving side dish, so I usually make a large bowl of this for the big feast – and not surprisingly – it’s often the first empty dish. When you roast vegetables, something magical happens… and never more than in this recipe. Plus, since I’m Irish, the colors of green and orange are on full display here!


Top 5 Reasons to Take a Holiday Voyage


Why not sail away on an unforgettable holiday voyage this winter? Set aside your snow shovel and last-minute shopping, and instead savor The Finest Cuisine at Sea™ while sailing among incredible destinations in the sunshine. A stress-free holiday cruise with Oceania Cruises invites you to fully embrace relaxation and discover the beauty of the world with family and friends. Here are our top five reasons to get away this holiday season: