Sommelier’s Recommended Australia & New Zealand Wines

What better way to acquaint yourself with the volcanic landscape and lush forests of New Zealand and the multicultural verve and wild outback of Australia than with some wine? Whether you are dreaming of exploring the vineyards of Auckland and sipping wine harbor-side in Sydney — or are simply in the mood for some wine from Down Under, we have some delicious choices for you. Read on for our sommelier’s top three selections!

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc - 678.jpg

Winemaker’s Notes | This crisp and vibrant wine has aromas of fresh snow peas, zesty limes, and freshly picked herbs such as thyme and sage. On the palate, juicy acidity is balanced with flavors of melon, passion fruit, and ruby grapefruit, capturing the essence of Marlborough.

Pairing Suggestions | Perfect with any seafood, especially freshly steamed mussels

Available in the Grand Dining Room

Deakin Estate Shiraz

Victoria, Australia

DE Shiraz - 678

Winemaker’s Notes | Deep, vibrant red in color. Nose is full of berry fruits including blackberries and mulberries with alluring notes of malt, almond, and mocha. Palate is rich and juicy with ripe dark berry flavors and well-balanced oak. The palate shows good structure with medium tannins and a lingering finish.

Pairing Suggestions | Baked lasagna, hearty beef and stout pie, roasted rack of lamb, or an aged sirloin topped with a red wine sauce

Available in the Grand Dining Room

Yangarra Estate Cadenzia

McLaren Vale, South Australia

2006 cadenzia - 678.jpg

Winemaker’s Notes | This Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvèdre blend is deep red with intense perfume and elegance. The nose is a mix of beetroot, cherries, and crème caramel. Flavors of blackberry, bing cherry, mulberry, plums, nuts, and subdued oak flavors slowly taper off to a lingering finish. The flavors are rich and lush with black fruits and silky tannins. Airing the wine reveals characteristic flavors of dark chocolate, flint, dried roses, and lavender.

Pairing Suggestions | Grilled pepper steak

Available in the Grand Dining Room & Red Ginger

Cheers, mate!


A Night at the Grand Dining Room

By Oceania Cruises Guest Carol B.

Whenever I enter the Grand Dining Room, a sense of serenity overcomes me. My husband and I love the specialty restaurants, but there’s something timeless and classic about the Grand Dining Room that we always look forward to. We feel at home there. The staff welcomes us, knows us by name and so the night begins, under the sparkling chandelier. 


The Holy Grail of French Ingredients: C’est Divine

By Fleet Corporate Executive Chef Franck Garanger

In the words of culinary legend Paul Bocuse, “Qu’il est difficile de faire simple.” That it is difficult to make simple. With cooking, the most difficult task is always to prepare something simple exquisitely. Simplicity requires great ingredients and great talent. Since you must always start with the ingredients for excellent results, on board our ships we continuously focus on sourcing high-quality artisanal ingredients.


Chef Kelly’s Favorite Coconut Shrimp

coconut shrimp, easy coconut shrimp recipe, how to make coconut shrimp, authentic coconut shrimp

There’s something magical about the turquoise waters of the South Pacific and the local tropical ingredients that inspire flavorful fare. This classic recipe uses the standard breading technique of flour, egg, and bread crumbs, but with a twist – chickpea flour. I love the nutty taste of the chickpea flour as a substitute for traditional white flour. A proper breading technique creates a coating that steams the fish inside, so be sure to avoid overcooking it.


Real Life after an Oceania Cruises Voyage

Oceania Cruises guest Brad B. from San Diego recently returned from a beautiful voyage aboard Marina that called on Mediterranean favorites such as Florence, Monte Carlo and Barcelona before ending in Lisbon. The journey featured all of the signature Oceania Cruises experiences – convivial gatherings with fellow travelers, warm personal service from world-class staff and of course, The Finest Cuisine at Sea™ at every meal. Below he shares his humorous re-adjustment to “real life” back in California.