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Marina Goes To Sea for the First Time

This past Friday, Marina took to the seas for the very first time under her own power and performed magnificently! Onboard, there were representatives from the shipyard along with our Marine and Techicnical teams who were measuring and evaluating hundreds of different items, systems and performance factors.

She cruised up to 22 knots without even trying, was able to spin a full 360 degrees in 40 seconds and there was virtually no vibration or noise. She is a very quiet, smooth ship and both the yard and our team are just thrilled with how she handles.

After spennding three days at sea, she returned to Genoa to undergo a routine drydocking.

Overall, the ship looks magnificent and is coming along very nicely. They are outfitting the suites, staterooms and public areas and the progress they are making is in incredible. Below are some great images from this past weekend, I hope you all enjoy them and they bring as much excitement to our blog fans as they did to our entire team!

Marina takes to the sea for the very first time

Marina September 24 036 med
The commanding view from the bridge

Marina September 24 046 med
The beautiful, terraced upper decks

Marina September 24 061 med
The expanse of open decks is very, very impressive. Lots of elbow room and places to sit in sun or shade.

Marina September 24 091 med resize
This is the deck outside Baristas and the Library. We are installing wind breaks and awnings to create a wonderful, alfresco coffee area.

Marina September 24 182 med
This area already has a very stately feel to it, I can not imagine how stunning it will look once the elevator fronts are done and the Lalique crystal is installed.

MarinaJacques 09 24 183 med
Jacques is already starting out as the favorite room of many. The charm and detailing of this space is unlike anything found at sea. Most of the antique elements such as the oak flooring which came from a century old French barn, or the 18th century console in the foyer have yet to be installed. C’est magnifique!

Marina September 24 295 med
This is the view from the top deck as we sailed back in to Genoa on Sunday. We’re looking forward from the area where the fitness track and croquet court are.

Marina September 24 316 med
Marina arrives in the Genoa drydock where the final outfitting work will be carried out.

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Shopping the Marche des Capucins with Executive Chef Mickael Tocchetto


Bordeaux View
A view of Bordeaux along the waterfront of the Garonne River

Chef Group Gangplank

Oceania Cruises’ President Bob Binder (third from left) and Executive Chef Mickael Tocchetto (third from right) gather with guests ready to explore the Marche des Capucins in Bordeaux.

While Master Chef Jacques Pepin is responsible for the design of Oceania Cruises’ fine cuisine, the execution of his vision is ultimately the result of the combined efforts of a host of talented chefs, sous chefs and culinary directors.  Just as Pepin enjoyed shopping at the Marche des Capucins in Bordeaux a few weeks ago, Executive Chef Mickael Tocchetto explored that same market yesterday, seeking the freshest products to showcase his culinary skills to President Bob Binder.

Marche Sign The entrance to the market. Some of the beautiful produce selection

Chef Tocchetto grew up in Bordeaux, the son of Italian farmers who were naturalized as French citizens. He says that as a child, he wasn’t even allowed in the kitchen.  His Italian mother was quite proud of her kitchen, and food was always an important part of their lives. Chef Tocchetto left Bordeaux after finishing culinary school at the age of 17, but he says Bordeaux still feels like coming home. He has many friends here, several who own local restaurants and a few that he ran into during this trip to the market.

Chef Looks at Potatoes
Bob Tastes Kumato
Chef Tocchetto examines the produce and offers Bob a taste of kumato, a delicious hybrid that tastes like a sweet green tomato.

It would be hard to say which Chef Tocchetto enjoyed more – seeing old friends or shopping at the Marche des Capucins. Chef was like a kid in a candy store as he wandered amongst the stands, selecting the freshest produce, most flavorful cheeses, and finest cuts of meat. The choices were so abundant, Chef decided to create a degustation of several small courses, enabling his guests to sample the best of everything the market has to offer and experience the full range of his culinary talents.


Fish Teeth


From escargot to langoustines, one could find every type of seafood imaginable.  (Note the fruitless escape attempt being made by the snail in the upper left corner.)

Chef Tochetto has lived all over the globe, from London to Melbourne to Nigeria to his current residence in Toronto. But no matter where his home base may be, his love of travel has kept him
working with the cruise lines for the past twelve years. Six years ago a friend of his asked him to help open a restaurant in Melbourne.  Chef Tocchetto agreed, but only lasted six months on land before the urge to sail called him back to the ships. Even when on sabbatical, Chef continues to travel and spent two months in Vietnam during his last vacation.

Buying Skate
Chef chooses skate, which meets with Bob’s enthusiastic approval.

This is Chef Tocchetto’s first contract with Regatta, and after trying a stint on a larger ship, Chef says he much prefers the mid-sized ships and the operations of Oceania Cruises. He also speaks fondly of the amazing crew with whom he works, saying they are passionate people of the highest caliber of commitment, dedication, and talent. With twelve years of cruising experience behind him, Chef Tocchetto is looking forward to his next twelve years onboard.





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Regatta Visits Lovely La Rochelle


La Rochell Clock and Boats
Today guests onboard the Oceania Club Reunion Cruise enjoyed a lovely visit to La Rochelle, France. The weather was absolutely perfect – sunny and 72 degrees – making it a fine day to explore the Old Port, visit the Aquarium, and then return to the ship to relax by the pool for a bit before dinner. All in all it was a great day to be cruising on Regatta!

La Rochelle Towers

Two of the famous towers of La Rochelle, dating to the 14th and 15th centuries.

La Rochelle Aquarium

The city has a fabulous aquarium.

La Rochelle Camo Fish

Can you find the five fish in this photo?

La Rochelle Lobster Etc

More of our finned and crustaceanous friends

La Rochelle Yellow Fish

A colorful bunch, and with personality too!

La Rochelle Market

Continuing on through the town, we reach the local market, which of course offers cold cuts, cheeses and pastries.  A light snack whets our appetite, so it’s back to the ship for lunch!




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The President’s Tales from the Annual Oceania Club Reunion Cruise

Myself and other members of our Oceania Cruises’ team joined our guests this week onboard Regatta for the annual Oceania Club Reunion Cruise. We departed London on Thursday and began our journey of 14 days during which we’ll explore the coasts of France, Spain, and Portugal. Last evening Captain Jahn Rye hosted his Champagne Reception to officially welcome everyone to the ship. Introductions of the Captain and senior crew members were followed by entertainment from the 12-piece Regatta Orchestra. As you can see from the photo above, I had a quite enjoyable evening, as did everyone onboard.