In one of the most majestic corners of the world, some of the greatest marvels on earth await you. Dreamy atolls and blue lagoons, the world’s largest coral reef, the dramatic Milford Sound and the otherworldly Waitomo Glowworm Caves just begin to scratch the surface of the gems in this diverse region. On the list of seasoned travelers everywhere, explorations of the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand reveal paradise landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage sites, ancestral traditions and unique insight into the local life.


Aussie Allure & Kiwi Charm

shutterstock_603422741Unique cities Down Under possess a laid-back, multi-cultural spirit all their own. World-class museums, renowned wineries and an uncommon cosmopolitan verve make explorations of Australia and New Zealand unforgettable. And that’s without even mentioning the abundant natural splendor overflowing from these rugged and sprawling countries – both home to friendly residents that are some of the world’s greatest outdoor lovers. Follow the trail of early Australian explorers into the bush of the Blue Mountains, go birding along the Tasman Sea while in Auckland or enjoy a farmer’s market-style picnic in one of the many green spaces to soak up the easygoing vibe. You’ll quickly discover why so many say Down Under really is the ultimate escape.


Sun-Drenched South Pacific


When you sail the distant lands of the shimmering Pacific aboard our ships, you leave the routines of everyday life behind for authentic cultural experiences and adventures that elevate your travels to a whole new level. Experience the serenity of islands throughout the South Pacific and enjoy up-close encounters with Polynesian culture and cuisine. Revel in having Tahiti’s soaring volcanic cliffs, the sapphire seas of Moorea and the pearlescent sands of Fiji’s flawless beaches in your backyard. Uncover the lasting legacies of author Herman Melville and painter Paul Gauguin, who were so inspired by the stunning South Pacific islands. Travel further back in time at an ancient temple on Tahiti for a glimpse of sacred Polynesian traditions. With hundreds of diverse islands and atolls scattered across this legendary sea, your journey is limited only by your imagination.

Whether you spend blissful days among the gorgeous waters of French Polynesia or you immerse yourself in stunning New Zealand landscapes and Australian icons, voyages in this region are certain to inspire you to return again and again. The featured destinations are only a taste of all that awaits.















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