Thierry Tholon, General Manager 


We are now twelve days into Insignia’s massive re-inspiration and have now turned the corner from demolition and re-construction to full re-inspiration work. It’s been a long twelve days thus far but we are all energized and exhilarated now that we see the “new” Insignia coming to life.

One Final Portrait on the Grand Staircase

What does it take to get this done?

  • A lot of coordination
  • Close to 2,000 contractors
  • Dozens of dumpsters
  • A 2,650 bed cruise ship from Italy
  • Tremendous patience
  • 400 of the best crew at sea

Ready to Leave Miami, Florida

IMG_4503Before the ship had even finished her “final” voyage, we embarked an advance team to start prepping the ship for the immense task ahead of us. Veranda furniture was taken off in Port Canaveral and when we arrived in Miami, there were pallets of materials, dumpsters and even a crane waiting for us. By the time the final guests had disembarked, we were already loading equipment and at 3 pm, we sailed for the Bahamas. By midnight, we had the ship out of the water – “high and dry” as they say.

High and Dry in Freeport

The first ½ of the time in Freeport has been spent demolishing 342 staterooms and suites, installing more than 1,000 new sliding glass doors and windows, all new bathrooms and stripping down the public spaces.

Work Continues 24 Hours Per Day, for 18 days



Re-Construction of the Grand Staircase


A New Penthouse is Ready to be Built

Pent House

So I know you’ve been wondering why we needed a 2,650 bed cruise ship from Italy and that’s a very good question. As the entire ship is stripped down, including much of the engineering spaces and the galleys, we need a place for all the crew and contractors to live, sleep, and be fed.

That’s Our Home-Away-From-Home Over My Shoulder.

“Now that we are so far through the race, we can start sprinting towards the finish line. I can’t wait to show off the finished ship in Miami in a little more than a week and I know she will be stunning. Now, I must get back to work!”

Thierry Tholon







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