Inside Team Trivia

Around 4:30 in the afternoon aboard our ships, there’s a good chance you’ll find an animated gathering of guests in the Lounge or in Martinis racking their brains for answers to questions like, “Excluding Antarctica, which continent has the shortest shoreline?” Trivia is one of the most popular activities on board and a great way to meet fellow travelers too.


How Does It Work?
Team Trivia is hosted in the afternoons and Brainteasers Trivia hosted in the evenings. Teams are usually formed during the first afternoon session, but guests join on a daily basis. Each team is made up of at least 2 players and no more than 8 players. Trivia afternoons and evenings are spirited events, and teams usually come up with humorous team names such as Ship for Brains, Tequila Mockingbird and Trivia Newton John.

How Are Trivia Questions Created?
Cruise Directors come up with questions in a variety of ways such as the internet, trivia books and questions from the board game Trivial Pursuit. In fact, a principal writer for the early editions of Trivial Pursuit, Mitch Symons, has contributed a number of questions over the years and has also served as a guest lecturer on board. As a trivia guru, Symons says truly great trivia questions are unambiguous, and have only one answer.

When offering advice for teams who want to win, Symons says discussion is important but only to a point, “Ultimately you’re dealing with FACTS. People aren’t entitled to have opinions about facts!” Perhaps the cut and dry nature of trivia is one of the reasons it’s so popular on board. That, and Big O Points.

Big O Points
Big O Points are doled out at the close of each quiz. Each player on the winning team receives 3 Big O Points, each player on the second-place team receives 2 Big O Points, and each player on the third place team receives one Big O Point.

And what happens during a tie? The host breaks any ties for first place by asking a few bonus questions. Big O Points are redeemed near the end of the voyage for Oceania Cruises logo prizes, such as hats, visors, throw blankets and t-shirts.

Give up on the continent with the longest shoreline? It’s Africa, because it doesn’t have all the inlets that other continents do. Next time you’re on board, join us for some friendly competition at trivia!

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