“The most unforgettable travel moments unfold when you feel completely immersed in another world and can embrace the true spirit of a place.” That’s how Vice President of Destination Services Christine Manjencic sums up what creates a meaningful travel experience. With that as the guiding inspiration,
our expert team of destination specialists curates imaginative destination experiences in more than 450 awe-inspiring ports around the globe, inviting you to experience the unique essence of each as you sail the world.

It Takes a Village
Planning and organizing a unique collection of shore excursions for each port is no simple feat. The process begins by forging relationships with local tour experts and develops from there, often with imaginations inspiring new tours. Manjencic explained that it’s truly a team effort, and that our shoreside office pays particular attention to our Destination Services staff on the ships. The best insight always comes from those who intimately know the place.

“We encourage the shipboard staff to explore new possibilities and give us their recommendations,”
Manjencic said. “They are traveling the world and spending time with our guests – they see first-hand what is desired, how we can raise the bar, what we can do even better.”

Beyond our knowledgeable Destination Services Managers on board and local top-rated tour guides
in every port, our in-house team has in-depth travel and destination experience that they call on to
design new tours.

“I worked on ships for 18 years before joining the shoreside Destination Services team – my experiences from all of those years in different ports are really useful when organizing unique, insider-style tours for our guests,” Manjencic explained. “The saying it takes a village is so perfect for what we do – from start to finish the number of people involved in organizing and executing each shore excursion usually winds up being dozens.”

A Tour for Every Traveler
Whether you love active adventures that keep you moving as you explore a new destination or delight in experiencing a new culture through its local cuisine and culinary traditions, we have the perfect excursion for you.

“With excursions focusing on cultural exchanges, history, adventure, cuisine, natural wonders and so much more, there really are options tailored to every kind of traveler,” Manjencic said.

Having a fleet of smaller boutique hotel-style ships also means you have access to destinations that are more remote and out of reach for larger cruise lines. Enjoy the best of both worlds with explorations
that include both corners of the world less touched by tourism and iconic attractions. The best part? All of the logistical and operational details are taken care of for you no matter what you choose. Once
you’ve booked your shore excursions, you can enjoy each destination from the moment you arrive until you sail away, without worrying about whether you will make it back to the ship in time or how you
will get from one area to another.

What are you waiting for? To start choosing shore excursions that suit your travel style, visit My Account on OceaniaCruises.com or explore the options before you book.

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