When you walk up the gangway and board one of our ships, whether for the very first time or the 50th, you’ll immediately feel welcomed by the beaming faces of our staff and crew awaiting your arrival. Staff and crew members inevitably recognize many arriving guests, greet them with big hugs, and you quickly begin to feel the joy and connections all around that seem to just light up the ship.

When describing experiences aboard our ships, guests often mention the Oceania Cruises family – feeling at home, the familiar faces, the warm smiles, the dear friends. The list continues on but represents one of the essential elements of the Oceania Cruises experience: camaraderie. The comfortable and intimate surroundings of our ships and overwhelming sense of belonging seem to kindle geniality, and whether enjoying cocktails at Martinis or relaxing on the pool deck, it is so easy to be sociable and feel perfectly at home aboard our ships.

At Oceania Cruises, we take pride in the warm camaraderie and sense of home you feel each time
you come on board. One of the many advantages of our intimate ships is the pronounced familiarity it imparts on each of our voyages – you consistently notice familiar faces among the staff and fellow guests, everyone remembers your name and preferences, and friendships only deepen as the days pass and adventures unfold. You will quickly notice that there are no numbers on board our ships – each person is treated like family and as the cruise unfolds, friendships are forged and everyone becomes even closer.

Regardless of where we’re sailing, the bright fellowship and warmth of our crew remains constant. If our crew is happy, that joy and delight becomes contagious – and you feel that warmth in the hallways, in the restaurants, up by the pool deck and even in your stateroom or suite. Our butlers are a perfect example of the type of camaraderie we cultivate on board. Whether serving you dinner course by course in-suite or offering complimentary garment pressing, the butlers work together as a close-knit team to continually strive to make your experience as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. From our stateroom attendants to restaurant waiters and the front desk reception, everyone joins together in the spirit of making you feel right at home.

Senior Oceania Club Manager Neli Arias puts it best: “It doesn’t matter how great your ship is, how wonderful your silverware is, what kind of artwork you hang – that’s just material stuff. The people on board those ships make the difference. Our people are true, they’re real and they’re genuine.”

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