This spring and summer you can try out 16 new, enriching and exciting cooking classes aboard Marina and Riviera. From knife skills to crepes and Nordic cooking, creativity and fun abound in these all-new classes. Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Enrichment shares her passion for cooking and global cuisine with this new collection of classes, which is our most diverse array of classes and includes our first-ever knife skills class.

New & Noteworthy Highlights

The first SLICE class was a success!

Slice: Mastering Chef Knife Skills
In partnership with the world-renowned Zwilling Company, makers of the chef-favorite J.A. Henckels knives, Oceania Cruises has developed one of our top guest-requested classes – a comprehensive knife skills class. Participants will get a chef’s look at a complete pantry of knives and enjoy the chance to try out a few chef knives to discover the best option for you. They’ll also learn how to sharpen and maintain this essential kitchen tool, practice various knife cuts and discover how to safely use the mandolin slicer – Chef Jacques Pépin’s favorite kitchen tool. At the conclusion of the class, all participants will receive a special Knife Skills certificate along with a savings voucher for their favorite Zwilling Company knives.

Rethink the Crêpe
While most people may think of the crêpe as French cuisine, this little envelope of love is popular everywhere and enjoyed in many variations the world over. From authentic buckwheat galettes to sweet crêpes Suzette, the recipes in this class will reveal or renew your passion for crêpes and their luscious fillings and toppings. Sweet, savory and everything in between – prepare to be amazed by the world of crêpes.

The Nordic Kitchen
Participants will delight in the delectable cuisine of Scandinavia and Northern Europe as they take a culinary voyage around the Baltic, discovering the secrets of delicacies from both land and sea. Savor regional specialties such as Estonian fish soup, Nordic salmon rillettes, gravlax cured in the traditional Scandinavian spirit and hearty meatballs with a Swedish flair.

Complete Selection of New 2018 Culinary Center Classes
Pucker Up – Celebrating the diversity and splendor of lemons in Mediterranean cooking
Ancient Cuisines – showcasing the magical dishes of Morocco and Turkey
All Things Roman – An homage to the greatest dishes of the ancient Roman Empire
Brunch Comforts – Classic brunch dishes and entertaining tips
Cooking Fresh – Healthy, fresh, and flavorful dishes including Canyon Ranch favorites
Essential Pasta – The fundamentals of pasta preparation, cookery and sauces
Greek Tonight – Our faculty’s favorite recipes from Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, Corfu and Athens
Grill School – Grilling is more than technique – it’s an art form
If it Swims – Mastering the basics of fish cookery: searing, baking, shallow-poaching, deep-poaching, and curing
In the Kitchen with Jacques – Honoring the glorious career of our Executive Culinary Director and world-renowned Master Chef through knife skills, the secrets of emulsion, and a selection of Jacques’ favorite dishes from his sixty-year career
Most Requested Red Ginger – Mastering the skills and most popular recipes from our acclaimed Asian restaurant
The Sicilian Kitchen – A celebration of pasta, fish, and rice dishes from the home kitchens of our faculty and crew
Viva Espana – Showcasing traditional tapas and pintxos along with new and modern favorites

For a complete list of descriptions on our website, click here.

We look forward to seeing you in The Culinary Center this spring & summer!

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