By General Manager Victor Conceição

Perhaps it is because I come from Portugal – a country with a rich seafaring tradition – and from a family of seafarers that I feel such a connection with being at sea and so at home. I always start every voyage by reminding the staff and crew that we are family here on the ship, our guests are our family, and that this idea should grace every interaction. We laugh about it since we can’t imagine it any other way, but I still say it out of habit.

We have about half a million guests that are part of our Oceania Club, so when you come on board it feels like a festive family gathering. That’s because the soul of the Oceania Cruises experience is what brings our guests back again and again. There are no numbers on board our ships, and the staff and crew will remember your name when you come back. It’s that human touch and the personalized nature of our service that makes you really feel at home, whether you are enjoying an elegant five-course dinner at Toscana or simply having a cocktail by the pool. This is your time. You can come aboard and relax. There’s no need for airs – and our guests enjoy this and comment on it repeatedly.

A few weeks ago, I was on the gangway with our Cruise Director, Corey Powell, wishing guests well on their evening tour. A passing guest remarked to Corey that he had forgotten his tie which was required for the tour. Without hesitation, Corey took off his tie, and handed it to the guest. The look of relief on the guest’s face was priceless. It’s moments like these which unfold in the flash of an eye that are so representative of the spirit and service on board.

You cannot put on an act in providing the personalized service that our team provides. When
you come aboard our ships, you see it in their smiles, you hear it in their voices and you really do feel it. Our service is genuine because each and every one of our staff and crew members is genuine, from the waiters in The Grand Dining Room to your stateroom stewardess to our receptionists and Destination Services staff. Every one of our crew members on board knows that what they do – every greeting, each smile, every name remembered, each request addressed – matters.

What is at the heart of every story of service that I’ve ever heard is that our guests feel cared for
and they feel a real connection with our staff and onboard experience. Our guests truly enjoy their time away from home because they’ve found their second home – aboard Oceania Cruises.

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