By Guest Lecturer Sandy Cares

Last year, I began sharing a few of my favorite tips for sailing with Oceania Cruises. From the flip-top lids on the lovely Bulgari amenities to the simple way to keep your table from being cleared at Terrace Café, you learn more each time you’re on board. As a frequent guest lecturer on board, I’ve picked up lots of helpful tips along the way, so I wanted to share a few more that I’ve found especially helpful.

  1. You can attach Currents, the daily shipboard newsletter, to your wall with refrigerator magnets because the walls are metal. If you didn’t happen to bring any magnets, you’ll find no end to them at any of the ports along the way. Or just pop into the boutique on board and pick up a couple of Oceania Cruises magnets. By the way, these Oceania Cruises magnets make absolutely great and inexpensive little giveaways to your tour guides and other locals you meet along the way!

  2. That clock on your nightstand is sheer genius. Did you realize all you have to do is lift it at night and it lights up so you can see the time? Put it back down and the room is dark again.

  3. My last tip is on packing to leave the ship. Be sure to leave something out of your suitcase to wear on disembarkation day. Be mindful and set an outfit aside for yourself before rolling your suitcase into the corridor. Stories abound on this subject. A guest once admitted to me that he mistakenly packed his wife’s set-aside outfit while she was asleep and he had to climb mountains of suitcases in the middle of the night to retrieve it before she woke up. It’s also easy to avoid getting locked out of your room when moving luggage into the hallway. Simply remember to “lock” the deadbolt and the door will prop open until you are finished moving all of your luggage out.

Happy cruising!

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