Charles and Debra Dyer from Tucson, Arizona have long dreamed of traveling around the world on a cruise and exploring so many of the places they have read about over the years. On Wednesday evening just a few days into 2018, that dream was set into motion as the couple sailed away from Miami on our magnificent 180-day 2018 Around the World voyage aboard Insignia.

From the moment they entered the cruise terminal, it was clear that it was a celebratory occasion – Charles was dancing to the sounds of the live big band music as they made their way to the World Cruisers lounge area and Debra was beaming. Later in the afternoon, we sat down with Charles and Debra, Platinum-Level Oceania Club members, at the Around the World Cruise reception to hear their story.

What inspired you to book this Around the World voyage?
Debra: We’ve had a love of travel since we first met. The day after we retired we had the car packed up and we were ready to really travel, and so we did a four-month trip across the United States. Charles has wanted to go around the world since we’ve retired. It was time.
Charles: We’ve cruised all over on many different lines – we’ve really done them all, but a few years ago we tried Oceania Cruises and it’s the best. So this is the ship and this is our year.

What destination are you most excited to explore?
Charles: I spent a year in Australia, so I’m really anxious to go back. I really want to see Hiroshima and Japan, the Great Wall too – my wife spent her entire career in China so it will be fascinating to go there.
Debra: Going back for pleasure will be totally different! I’m excited to see Australia and New Zealand too just because of Charles’ stories and experiences there.
Charles: I have a daughter that lives in there, in Melbourne, Australia, that’s a physician so we’ll be able to see my little grandkids again.

How did you prepare for a voyage of this magnitude?
Debra: His nickname for me is “The Spreadsheet Queen.” Lots of spreadsheets! We’ve traveled so much – you really know what you need after several trips and it’s easy to make lists to keep track. So we actually started packing back in June and were 75% packed then.

Charles: She’s a logistical genius! Debbie did it all – and she’s just so smart and organized. I actually feel kind of guilty, I was just telling her last night…I haven’t done a thing to prepare for this trip. I’m just along for the ride – dancing as I go along!

What’s the longest you’ve been at home in recent years – and how do you spend your time there?
Charles: Probably two months. All she’s doing at home – this little sweet angel – is planning our next trip.
Debra: We can’t sit still for more than a couple of weeks. As soon as we get it home, it’s always “Where are we going next?”

What is your advice to travelers considering a world cruise?
Charles: If your health is good, go for it!
Debra: Go while you can! So many things come up in life, and regret for not traveling sooner is the number one thing we hear.

How would you sum up your hopes and expectations for your Around the World cruise?
Charles: Challenging, exciting and wondrous.
Debra: It’s about the experiences – from great adventures like going King Crabbing in Norway to spending time with school kids in Guatemala – traveling is the about the unexpected and special experiences.

Enjoy this short video Q&A with some of our Around the World in 180 Days travelers, including Charles and Debra:

Stay tuned for more video clips from our staff and guests on our exciting 2018 Around the World voyage!


  1. Debra My wife and I are booked to do the Around the World cruise in 2019. 10 months from today we set sail. I too am making an excel spread sheet to track expenses, excursions etc. I would love to see your excel sheets and share mine. Really interested to see if you learned of things you should have brought or done before the cruise. Lonnie and Evelyn Koeltzow

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