By Damien LaCroix, General Manager

Any city that combines magnificent beaches, Moorish cathedrals, some of the best museums in Europe and happens to be the birthplace of Picasso, must be a favorite of mine. The heart of the famed
Costa del Sol, Málaga is, of course, famed for its beaches, ramparts and cathedrals.

It also boasts some of Spain’s best dining, and progressive art as well. I recommend you start off by visiting the Centre Pompidou – I needed to see the sister of the one in Paris – or the Contemporary Art Center. You also won’t want to miss the Museo Picasso and if you can, the Interactive Music Museum.

All of the culture, as well as the walking, is bound to make you hungry. As a Frenchman from Lyon,
dining is a very important part of every day. If you want a magnificent seaside experience, try Restaurante
Toro – Muelle Uno with its million dollar views and great Spanish seafood. If you want to go off the beaten
path in the city center, try El Tapeo de Cervantes. The tapas here are some of the best you’ll find, or you
might try a local specialty such as wild boar in sweet Málaga wine sauce with a rustic tomato pancake.

While Málaga exhibits a new-world vibe, you’ll be smitten with the blending of old architecture and new. Be certain to take in all of the Moorish influences and how the city so beautifully integrates contemporary architecture alongside it. Málaga exemplifies the best of Spain – cuisine, culture, history, and jaw-dropping vistas.

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