Artists-in-Residence Geri & Mark Gventer prefer to think of themselves more as “Team Gventer,” when it comes to the Artist Loft since they combine their various talents in a fusion of painting and photography. Geri is a visual artist while Mark is a photographer, so they offer an artistic outlet for everyone.

From Brooklyn, New York, Geri received her M.F.A. in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in 1982. She majored in sculpture with a minor in Art History. For the past 40 years, she has maintained an art studio in Brooklyn and has exhibited throughout the United States. She is also a member of the Atlantic Gallery in Chelsea. With her education, research and extensive travels throughout the world she has gained an insight into various cultures and influential artists. Geri’s beautifully illustrated keynote presentations focus on the most influential artists in the country being visited.

Meanwhile, Mark first developed a love of photography as a youngster when his grandfather gifted him with a Brownie Instamatic camera. However, Mark’s formal education led him to a very successful medical career as a podiatric specialist. Now in his retirement Mark has returned to the camera and embarked on a second career in professional photography. Mark’s artistry was further enhanced when he studied sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum Art School and photography at the New York Institute of Photography. Since Mark believes photography is more than taking photos, he teaches a course in post-editing with Photoshop and provides computers so that the guests can practice and implement the principles and techniques that they have learned in the workshop.

While Geri assists guests with skilled instruction in painting with watercolors and acrylics, Mark provides hands-on practice using computers and iPads to guide guests through the process from photo printing to editing. Geri’s lessons of painting and drawing dovetail with Mark’s photo workshops to allow guests to explore the limitless potential through imaginative combinations. Add to that the ever-changing possibilities for subject matter as the ship sails into exciting new destinations and the stage is set “cruise into creativity.” Imagine painting your own background to enhance a photo you took on an excursion – that’s possible under the artful guidance of Geri. It can all be done with “Team Gventer!” Everyone can learn useful techniques in fusing painting with photography through step-by-step explanations of digital programs like Photoshop and ArtRage. To top it all off, they further enhance their workshops with fascinating lectures on select artists.

With Team Gventer, get ready to expand your inner artist while having fun and enjoying camaraderie with your fellow guests. What better way to make your own lasting memories? Join Team Gventer in Artist Loft aboard Marina on these upcoming cruises:

Caribbean Gems | December 17, 2017  Miami to Miami

New Year Rendezvous | Dec 29, 2017  Miami to Lima

Eternal Enchantment | January 16, 2018  Lima to Papeete

Sparkling South Pacific | February 3, 2018  Papeete to Papeete

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