Like our charming English-style library, there are some places on board that are so cozy and luxurious that you just want to linger there awhile. Located on the forward deck just beyond the Canyon Ranch SpaClub, our private Spa Terrace is certainly one of those. Next time you’re on board, take advantage of this glorious haven when you book a spa treatment or are staying in a Concierge-Level or above stateroom or suite.

Here are our favorite ways to take advantage of all that the luxurious Spa Terrace offers.

  1. Prep for your spa treatment.
    You haven’t had the complete Canyon Ranch SpaClub treatment until you begin your spa experience with some R&R time on the private Spa Terrace. Whether you simply want to lounge in the shade and enjoy the mesmerizing vistas of the sea and sky, or you want to ease your muscles with a dip in the thalassotherapy pool, the Spa Terrace is the perfect beginning to your spa experience.
  2. Relax post-spa treatment.
    Because there’s no rush, the most restorative treatment of all is deep relaxation. This is the absolute best spot on the ship to revel in your after-spa bliss.
  3. Open-air thalassotherapy or whirlpool soak.
    It doesn’t get much better than this, does it? If you haven’t tried it yet, we know you’ll agree once you do – enjoy the therapeutic power of flowing water as it relaxes tired muscles. Not only does it refresh you, it improves circulation, is great for your joints and can boost flexibility.
  4. Star-gazing.
    The Spa Terrace is one of the best-kept secrets for cozying up and taking in the magic of the night sky at sea. Here in the forward location, lights don’t distract from the magnificence of nature’s gallery.
  5. A day pass.
    Last but not least, if you don’t want to book a spa treatment, you can still take advantage of the private Spa Terrace. Simply purchase a day pass and enjoy full use of the steam room, the Spa Terrace, the thalassotherapy pool or whirlpool and the tranquility of it all.

See you on the luxurious Spa Terrace soon!


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