This winter, imagine trading the freezing temperatures and routines of everyday life for the balmy paradise islands of the South Pacific. Our cruises to Tahiti and French Polynesia invite you to discover imaginative cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, and the region’s lasting legacies and sacred traditions. Plus, it’s closer than you think – the average flight from the West Coast to Papeete is shorter than a flight to Europe.

Here are our top five reasons you should experience the special beauty of these lands on a voyage with us.

  1. Marina: The Most Luxurious Ship in the South Pacific
    Marina, the most luxurious and amenity-laden ship sailing Tahitian waters, offers the largest, most spacious accommodations of the ships sailing the region as well as the most Veranda Staterooms. You’ll have the luxury of choosing from 8 gourmet restaurants and an array of amenities such as the lavish Canyon Ranch SpaClub® and thought-provoking onboard enrichment that reflects the rich cultural heritage of the South Pacific. If you’re going to cruise French Polynesia, why not do it in style and the ultimate comfort?
    Marina in Bora Bora Flat_preview

  2. The Blue, Blue Water
    Since you’ll be aboard Marina, you’ll wake up surrounded by that legendary blue South Pacific water every single day. You’ll also have each day to savor the beauty of it, whether gliding across it on a catamaran or kayak, or delving below it – snorkeling, diving or swimming. It really is that blue, clear and beautiful. There is a reason French Polynesia has long defined the term “tropical paradise.”

  3. Our Chef-Designed Culinary Adventures
    is only ship in the South Pacific with immersive chef-designed Culinary Discovery Tours™ that offer an insider’s look at French Polynesian cuisine. Stay tuned for more details on our offerings which will include explorations of local plantations and learning about traditional underground cooking techniques in Nuku Hiva, a dining experience at Bora Bora’s most exclusive restaurant, and
    much more.

  4. Free-Spirited Island-Hopping
    Every island is its own version of Eden and you can make the most of your time in this corner of world by a cruising from one island to the next. Experience the lush greenery of Moorea with an off-road safari one day and discover aromatic vanilla plantations on Raiatea or the famed lagoon of Bora Bora the next. Did we mention that you’ll finally experience paradise on Earth?

  5. Witnessing the Most Incredible Sunsets on the Planet
    It’s no secret that this is one of the most gorgeous regions in the world. Everywhere you turn, you’ll discover another picture-perfect view, and this is dramatically magnified each day as the sun dips towards the horizon. Whether you’re toasting with Mai Tais during a deck party or dining ashore during an overnight in Bora Bora, the sunset will be a breathtaking reminder of one of the many reasons you planned this getaway.

Come join us in the South Pacific this winter – here are some of our favorite 2018 French Polynesia cruises aboard Marina.

Sparkling South Pacific | February 3, 2018
Papeete to Papeete, 10 days

Pure Polynesia | February 13, 2018,
Papeete to Papeete, 12 days

Pure Polynesia | March 7, 2018
Papeete to Papeete, 12 days

Pacific Stars, March 19, 2018
Papeete to Los Angeles, 18 days

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