By Artist-in-Residence Noel Suarez

It is hard to believe that I’ve already done seven Artist-in-Residences aboard Riviera this year. Next month, I’ll be boarding Marina in Rome to begin my last three 2017 voyages. It always goes quickly, but I can’t think of a better use of my time and talent. For guests who haven’t yet experienced Oceania Cruises’ Artist-in-Residence program, it’s an amazing experience – the ideal situation for an artist to create, and share work and techniques with the guests on board. I call this a floating “Art Utopia,” and it only happens aboard Oceania Cruises.

After 4 years and almost 50 voyages, I’m often overwhelmed with the number of guests attending my classes. Some guests I see again and again. When you’re on board and take advantage of the Artist Loft, not only do you have the chance to expand your creativity and commemorate your voyage in a lasting way, you gain insight into the artist’s work. This connection with my creativity, techniques and subject matter evolves, and a great deal of guests who join my workshops become collectors. 

Next month, I’m excited be back on board Marina. I’m looking forward to visiting more amazing places in the Mediterranean – my favorite part of the world. And to give you a sneak preview of what I have in store for my classes, the subject matter will based on the inspiration for the works in my new collection. It will be special to share this with the guests on board, especially since the paintings that I’ll be creating for the classes will also become part of the “Siluetas” Collection! 

See you at Marina‘s Artist Loft next month, and be sure to watch my onboard video here!

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