A creamy Soufflé de Homard Plaza Athénée with lobster and cheese served from atop a gleaming silver tray – that’s happiness on a plate that harkens back to the halcyon days of the Hôtel Plaza Athenee in Paris. Pair it with an exquisite Louis Latour Meursault Chardonnay and you have just one of seven perfectly delectable courses in our latest epicurean masterpiece, La Cuisine Bourgeoise, by Jacques Pépin at La Reserve by Wine Spectator.

The Rituals of the Table

An elegant food and wine pairing affair, La Cuisine Bourgeoise, is rooted in fresh, seasonal ingredients, time-honored flavors and celebrates the rituals of the table. The dining experience features many classic dishes that our Executive Culinary Director, Master Chef Jacques Pépin, has enjoyed over the years.

“Cuisine bourgeoise is rooted in tradition and is one that shaped my childhood. It is a cuisine to savor rather than admire or evaluate, it is simply happiness on a plate, and I am thrilled to share this with our guests,” Master Chef Pépin said.

Wines of the Ages

The meal is expertly paired from start to finish with wines that complement and echo the history of the dishes, while providing diners with a hint of the flavors, complexity, and nuances that one might have experienced during the mid-20th century.

“Pairing the wines took particular care and required extensive research to ensure that the wines featured with each course reflected the bright, approachable, and celebratory nature of this dining experience,” President & CEO Bob Binder said.

Flavors that Transport

The menu itself exemplifies the full flavors and textures of the period and each course brings not only joy to the palate but delights the eyes as well, with each course served with dramatic flair from gleaming silver trays in the best traditions of the century.

“Oceania Cruises is all about feeling and emotion, so I am especially pleased with what Jacques has created with La Cuisine Bourgeoise. This is an experience you can’t have anywhere else and one that will create memories for a lifetime. It is the epitome of special,” Binder added.

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La Cuisine Bourgeoise is now available on Marina and Riviera. Join us for this exclusive experience next time you are on board – simply visit the Reservations Desk on Deck 5. Santé!