Whether watching gauchos in Buenos Aires preparing an elaborate and savory asado, sampling the local wines near Montevideo or enjoying Peru’s most revered dish in Salaverry – mouthwatering and fresh ceviche – South American cuisine is as diverse as its people. This continent’s dishes are a delight for your senses.



When many think of Argentine cuisine they think of the country’s legendary steak. The country is well-known for its asados, or barbecue, also known as parrilladas. However, asados are not just a meal in Argentina – they are a major social event that brings together family and friends. On our Gaucho Fiesta shore excursion, you can enjoy this classic Argentine experience and watch as the gauchos, or cowboys, prepare your steaks and later share their traditional dancing and horsemanship skills. Don’t forget to add some chimichurri – the green sauce made with finely chopped parsley, oregano, onion, garlic, chili pepper flakes, olive oil and a touch of lemon or vinegar – the country’s go-to condiment.



With its vast stretches of rolling countryside and diverse winegrowing regions, it’s no wonder Uruguay is one of South America’s hidden wine gems. This country, which attracts a wide variety of travelers for its casual atmosphere and laid-back style, is best known for its Tannat wine – a rich, full-bodied red wine with dark fruit and spice aromas and flavors that’s softer and easier on the palate than the original French version. Enjoy a sampling of Uruguay’s prized local wines during our City Sights & Juanico Winery excursion or our City Landmarks, Wine & Dance Performance excursion, both from Montevideo.



Among the most traditional and delicious dishes native to Peru, ceviche tops the list of must-try specialties when visiting this fascinating and history-rich country. Though other countries specialize in ceviche, like Mexico and Ecuador, Peru’s iconic lemon-cured fish recipe is one of the most popular and easiest to make. Watch a local master chef prepare the iconic Peruvian fish dish in Salaverry during our Ceviche Experience shore excursion.



Colombians take their coffee seriously. With no fancy blends or flavors, black coffee can be considered the country’s national drink. The locals are accustomed to having coffee right after a meal, so whatever you happen to be exploring in Colombia, make sure to try this country’s coffee by asking for a tinto, as they call it, and enjoy the pure aroma and taste of one of the world’s best coffees.



Rio de Janeiro, the cultural capital of Brazil, evokes images of samba, sunbathing and an irrepressible exuberance for life. What better to pair this vivacious energy with than the country’s national drink? Meet the refreshing yet potent caipirinha. The cocktail, as difficult as it may be to pronounce (Kai-Pee-Reen-Ya), is a deliciously simple mix of lime, sugar, and cachaça – the perfect accompaniment to a samba performance or a Copacabana beach stroll.

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