We each have a different, personal story for why we travel and what we’re seeking on our explorations – and at the heart of each is passion. From the allure of exotic lands to learning the secrets of centuries-old recipes, our exciting new documentary-style video series A Passion For Travel captures these compelling stories and all that distinguishes Oceania Cruises in three special installments: “Why I Travel,” “Heart of Service” and “A Chef’s Passion.” Together, these videos celebrate why we travel and why traveling with Oceania Cruises is such a deeply personal and enriching experience. We invite you enjoy these videos, share them with your friends and family, and feel the passion that is at the heart of everything at Oceania Cruises.

In the spirit of our new video series, we wanted to share with you what makes us so passionate about travel and all that we do by dedicating a few posts to the inspiration and passion of our team, from Captains and Chefs to our team ashore that dedicates themselves each and every day to Oceania Cruises and the passion for travel. Here’s the first segment on what they shared:

Bob 5.jpg

My passion is food and wine, so when I travel I immerse myself in the local culinary scene. When I discuss food and wine with the locals, I get a glimpse of not only how diverse  the culinary world is, but I also get to know the locals as they open up when talking about their favorite local dishes and traditions they grew up with.

Bob Binder | President & CEO

Traveling has a different meaning for everyone. Some travel to learn about new places, some to discover new cultures, others to try new foods or even to search for that place where you feel a complete connection – be it at sea, in a city, or in the midst of a mountain landscape. My personal reason for traveling is a promise I made to myself when I was 7 years old – to see the entire world.

Diego Coletti | Executive Concierge

Family vacation.JPG

Travel is about discovery, observation and contemplation. It connects people, just like the Panama Canal connects two oceans. Travel is how strangers become friends. I continue taking my wife and two young children on trips around the world to expose them to the philosophy that travel opens your mind, teaches tolerance and humility, and that travel is about sharing moments with one another.

Damien LaCroix | General Manager

I fell in love with cruising when I departed on my first cruise in August 1982. That unforgettable cruise was the deciding factor on me pursuing my career in the cruise industry – and I am getting ready to celebrate my 35th-year anniversary next month. I am passionate about traveling because I enjoy visiting new destinations and returning to other favorite places in order to meet new people, learning about their culture, enjoying their culinary world, and exploring the destination’s historical sites.

Carlos E. Ortega | Vice President, Passenger Services


I love to learn and I have always been a perpetual student. Traveling provides the best education life offers. Regardless of the country or climate, there is always something to appreciate about other cultures and how it translates to our daily lives. Traveling fans the flames of my joy of connecting with people and celebrating our differences.

Jennifer Faust | Oceania Club Ambassador


Being a chef has allowed me to travel the world and discover new cultures and a variety of flavors. It has opened my palate up to experimenting with new ways of cooking, and encouraged me to be more creative as a chef. For me, cooking is the best conduit to provide happiness for others. My passion for traveling continues to inspire me both personally and professionally, and to continue creating the best culinary experience for our guests.

Farid Oudir | Executive Chef

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