Join Noel in Artist Loft this summer aboard Riviera, from June 14th through June 28th and again from July 25th through August 22th. We recently caught up with him to learn more about his recent classes in the Caribbean and hear about his favorite Mediterranean inspiration and his plans aboard Riviera this summer.

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What did you enjoy the most about your classes and creating art as you cruised the Caribbean?

As a Cuban-born raised artist, I have a very strong connection with the Caribbean. The laid-back relaxing energy of the locals, the beautiful endless shades of blues and greens, the constant movement of nature’s elements and the simplicity of life, creates the perfect set-up for unique and simple inspirations for the classes.

What special things do you have planned for the Artist Loft during your Europe voyages this summer?

While in the Mediterranean my classes are inspired by classical drawing, techniques and subject matter, but with a very simple approach which always makes for a very pleasant surprise for the guests. I also will be unveiling my latest collections, “Siluetas” and “Lost in Motion” on these voyages, and introducing my collection of shirts and scarves inspired by my art.

Are there any destinations in Europe you are particularly looking forward to in terms of inspiration?

Besides its amazing history, the Mediterranean is the cradle of art, making it ideal for artists like me who are strongly influenced by Classical art and its masters. Italy is my favorite – regardless of the amount of times I get to visit Italy, this place is a constant source of inspiration for me. Rome is overwhelmingly wonderful, and of course Florence is another favorite.

Do you have an artist philosophy or motto that you like to share with guests?

Being an artist is a unique gift not to be taken lightly. Likewise, we need to be aware of our ability to create amazing things that people can appreciate, fall in love with and make them a part of their everyday lives. We also must understand that the more we are in touch with the human part of ourselves, the more our creativity will develop to the fullest potential and allow us to make a difference.

SILUETAS III & IV by Noel.jpg

Read more about Noel in a recent interview with, connect with him online here and be sure to stop by Artist Loft and say hello if you are aboard Riviera this summer!



About Noel Suarez

Artist-in-Resident Noel Suarez is the living embodiment of passion and talent required by all great artists, which is reflected in his ever-evolving work. He is recognized as one of a small number of artists whom Miami’s ascendancy to the world cultural stage is reflected in the lifetime of his career. His style is an amalgam of structure and dreams, reality and mythology, the sensual and the divine. Collectively, the tapestry of his work creates an artistic uniqueness that is characteristic of all great artists.

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