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Have you ever finished a 10- or 12-day cruise wishing your vacation could have lasted a little bit longer? Sometimes two-week cruises are too short, and you might not be ready to take the leap and set sail on a 180-day Around the World journey just yet. Enter our beautiful Extended Journeys and Grand Voyages, ranging from 17 days all the way up to 116 days. In this category, there is something for everyone – whether you are looking for a long snowbird-style break from the chilly winter or you’ve always wanted to explore a particular part of Europe, South America or Asia in greater depth.

Spotlight Voyage: Sirena’s Epic Encounters

For example, on our spectacular Miami to Miami Epic Encounters voyage departing June of 2018, you can explore Europe for more than two leisurely and incredible months without taking a transatlantic flight. This special journey brings you the best of Spain, the French and Italian Rivieras, the Greek Isles and the Holy Land minus jet lag. Add relaxing sea days and tranquil calls on Bermuda to perfectly bookend your experience and you have one truly unforgettable journey aboard the luxurious and intimate Sirena.

Read on for some the most alluring benefits of taking a longer cruise like this one.

  1. Unpack once, and the world is yours.

    You only have to unpack once and you get to see as much of the world as you want – 14 cities, 5 countries; the best of Northern Europe, around the tip of South America, Southeast Asia in-depth. The choice is yours.

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  2. More “you time.”

    Traveling overland to see as much of the world that you can on an extended journey requires extra planning and energy. When you’re in transit on your extended journey, you can be sipping a cocktail poolside, attending a guest lecture, at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub®, joining a wine tasting – or simply napping in the sun.

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  3. Full advantage of the onboard amenities.

    When was the last time you had a chance to do everything you wanted on board? From the Canyon Ranch SpaClub treatments and daily games and competitions such as trivia to the exciting nightly entertainment options, longer voyages give you the chance to really take it all in.

  4. The Finest Cuisine at Sea™.

    More days on board mean you finally have time to more fully enjoy our unrivaled cuisine. You’ll have time for an elegant breakfast at the Grand Dining Room if you like, or afternoon tea more than once or twice. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to make reservations for a special dinner at Privée or try a wine pairing dinner at La Reserve by Wine Spectator – now you’ll finally have time for it all.

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  5. The camaraderie and personal service.

    You know that feeling towards the end of the cruise when you keep bumping into new friends and familiar faces, and all of the staff knows your name and how you prefer things? It doesn’t have to end so soon.

Inspired? Start planning your dream Grand Voyage or Extended Journey now.


  1. We adore longer journeys on Oceania – – We’ve done a 30 day in 2014; a 31 day in February/March 2017 and are signed up for a 34 day in December – – I guess we’re addicted to the longer cruises for all the wonderful reasons listed plus the great relationships with crew and fellow passengers that can be formed and enjoyed for years to come!

  2. We signed up months ago-through our Travel Agent- AMEX Sarita Stark, We have booked our air and now you tell us that we cannot have the cabin we require! We MUST have a Stall Shower and a Butler!!! This is ridiculous!!! Barbara Ludtke

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