Dreaming of a getaway next summer? It’s not too soon to start planning. Seasoned cruisers typically book their voyages well in advance – on average, 8 months to one year beforehand. According to travel experts from Conde Nast Traveler, The New York Times and other travel publications, the benefits of planning vacations in advance far outweigh the pros of waiting until the last minute. Here are our top reasons why it’s best to book early with Oceania Cruises.


More time to plan – and get excited

“My husband and have a ritual for planning our cruises – we love it almost as much as the travel. As soon as we book, I plan our hotels since we usually stay an extra day or so on either end. Next, we take our time choosing our tours together, then Ed does the dinners. The final round is shopping for any special travel items we might need. We have such a ball planning it that we almost think of it as part of our vacation.”

-Oceania Cruises guests Maria & Ed Herrera

As travelers, we all know that one of the best parts of an upcoming vacation is the planning and anticipation. When you book your voyage in advance, you can relish the months leading up to your cruise with securing visas if necessary, taking your time picking shore excursions, booking your restaurant reservations and making your packing list.

Flexibility – your dream itinerary and your favorite stateroom or suite

“We just booked our 2018 cruise from Athens to Barcelona cruise and we were able to get our favorite suite – this makes us even more excited for our trip.”

– Oceania Cruises guests Joyce & Rick Bernstein

If you have your heart set on a particular itinerary, don’t wait. And while all of our accommodations are comfortable and elegantly appointed, it’s only natural that after sailing with us a few times you develop a penchant for a certain location on the ship or even a particular room. When you book early, you don’t leave getting your top choice to chance.

Bragging rights

“We booked our 2017 cruise from Rome to Venice more than a year ago and have been sharing all the details with our friends. Three other couples are now sailing with us. We can’t wait.”

– Oceania Cruises guests Janet & Tom Murphy

Who doesn’t love to share the news of a freshly planned exotic cruise or upcoming travels to a bucket list destination? Booking ahead of time gives you plenty of time to share the excitement – and maybe even convince a few friends to join you.

Get the best price

“When we see a cruise we like, we just book it – we know the price is going to go up, plus we get to take advantage of the promotions before they expire.”

– Oceania Cruises guests Miriam & Shan Lin

Last, but certainly not least, it’s no secret you’ll get the best fares with us if you book early. Promotion and fare increases happen at the end of every quarter, so it’s wise to book your cruise as soon as you can.

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