Frequent Oceania Cruises guest Lisa F. shares why autumn can be the best time to explore Europe.

During my years of traveling, I’ve visited Europe in the spring, summer and fall. While I’ve always had a wonderful experience, I think fall is my favorite season for exploring the Mediterranean. Here are the reasons why:


Depending on exactly when and where you travel, daytime temperatures in the fall range from upper 60s to upper 70s, which I find to be the perfect traveling weather.  You can’t beat summer for lounging on the beach, but if you really want to explore the historic cities and seaside villages of Europe, the cool days of fall are the perfect time to meander the charming streets, discover hidden gems and climb gentle hills for the best panoramic views – all without ever breaking a sweat!

Athens, Greece


The later in the fall you travel, the fewer crowds you’ll encounter at the most renowned historic sights.  I visited Pompeii with some friends in early November. It was a bright, sunny day – jeans and t-shirt weather – and we practically had the place to ourselves! I got some amazing photos without any tourists in sight. You won’t get that opportunity very often in the spring or summer!


If you travel to Europe in late fall, you can enjoy another treat – festive holiday decorations. I’ll never forget the first time I visited Monte Carlo in early November. The city was adorned with lights and holiday trees, and an already sparkling city glittered even brighter. From Venice to Gibraltar, the holiday decor makes each beautiful city even more special. When our ship stayed late or overnight in port, it was especially fun to stroll the streets and enjoy the holiday lights.


To be honest, part of me is reluctant to share this insight because I don’t want everyone to know all my travel secrets, but I love my Oceania Cruises family so I’ll share this tip with you. Because the fall, especially late fall, is not peak tourist season in Europe, you can typically find lower cruise fares. So you not only enjoy great weather for exploring, fewer crowds and festive holiday cheer, but you also pay less for it. I’m already planning my next wonderful fall journey with Oceania Cruises!

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