Oceania Cruises guest Brad B. from San Diego recently returned from a beautiful voyage aboard Marina that called on Mediterranean favorites such as Florence, Monte Carlo and Barcelona before ending in Lisbon. The journey featured all of the signature Oceania Cruises experiences – convivial gatherings with fellow travelers, warm personal service from world-class staff and of course, The Finest Cuisine at Sea™ at every meal. Below he shares his humorous re-adjustment to “real life” back in California.   

I awoke this morning back at home with the strangest of feelings – no appetite to speak of but an overwhelming urge to eat a large and varied breakfast.  I set out to satiate this craving but discovered my kitchen and dining room was not filled with all manner of fresh pastries, tropical fruits, cured meats, and cooked-to-order egg creations as I had expected.  It has been exactly 4 days since my last benedict and the withdrawals are starting to overwhelm me.


Not to be dismayed from my pointless and unhealthy desires for a 1000-calorie breakfast, I remembered the training I had received on my voyage and set out to make myself a crepe. My high hopes were soon dashed when, after an exhaustive search in my kitchen, I was unable to locate the supplies I required: pre-made batter, clarified butter and a variety of already prepared sauces and fresh fruits. Since a professional French chef was also not available, I was forced to abandon this option as well.



I have heard rumors of a place where all manner of supplies may be acquired via trade with the locals. Having not yet secured my unnecessary breakfast, I am hesitant to venture so far into the unknown in search of sustenance. The rumors suggest the location of the supplies is several miles away and would require me to leave the safety of our encampment and venture out using a motorized vehicle. With only my cartographer, Google, to guide me, I must eventually take this risk to ensure my survival.

Tell us, how do you re-adjust after an Oceania Cruises voyage?


  1. There’s only one way to adjust to land at home after Oceania’s Marina and the finest cuisine at sea; that’s to book another one for an immediate departure!

    Life is so much easier on-board; so much more relaxing; so much more tasty and so much better than doing any of it yourself!

    And, Brad is so right; the very notion of shopping for food and supplies and prepping it all is exhausting!

  2. Recently traveled on the Oceania Marina and had a wonderful time.
    I have been searching the recipe for the sugar free cookies that they served on board as well as the carmelized shrimp on the appetizer list at the Red Ginger.
    Can you help me locate these recipes?
    Thanking you in advance-
    Anne Mierzwa

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