Hailing from Carmel, California, Oceania Cruises guests Charles and Janice Rauch set sail on our magnificent 2017 Around the World voyage last Friday. The couple has been sailing with Oceania Cruises for a few years now, and Janice told us that she had been dreaming of sailing around the world since she was 20 years old. They love to dance and kicked off their cruise with mimosas and dancing to the rhythms of a four-piece jazz band at the Around the World cruise reception. We caught up with them later in the afternoon on the patio of Insignia to find out how they prepared for such a big travel adventure, which destinations they’re most excited about and much more.


When did you first start traveling?

Janice: I’m a big traveler. I’ve never sat in one place for very long. I started traveling probably in my 30s, and then more recently I pulled Charles into it when we got together.

Charles: On my first trip we went to Cape Town and then up the west coast of Africa! I dove right in. It’s been incredible. Just in the past 13 months, I’ve been to 42 countries on Insignia.

How did you prepare for a cruise so monumental?

Charles: Lots of checklists – I did do a lot of planning. I made checklists for things I knew I needed to have with me, like medications. We have traveled on this ship for 30 or days so before, so I had an idea of how little I could get by with for that amount of time. This trip is much longer of course, but we each have a second suitcase that we’ll have brought up in a few months when we’re ready to see some new clothes!

Janice: Start packing two days before! Whatever I don’t have I’ll buy or do without, it’ll be fine.

What inspires you to continue traveling?

Janice: I find it so fascinating that out of 200 countries, and over a thousand cultures in the world, everyone solves problems in different ways – and even solves the meaning of life in different ways. That’s what drives my explorations.

Charles: I love learning about the history and culture of the areas in which we’re traveling – and I love learning that I love to learn this so much. I had no idea I would enjoy traveling so much. I’m retired, and embarking upon a totally new life – traveling and cruising.

You’ll be sailing to nearly 100 destinations during the next six months. What are you most excited to explore?

Janice: India and the Suez Canal – I’ve never been to either yet! I’ve also always wanted to see the Komodo dragons, so I’m excited about that too.

Charles: The Panama Canal!

Sum up your hopes for this journey in three words:

Janice: Enjoy Every Day.

Charles: Dance. Dine. Smile.

Stay tuned for updates from Janice & Charles in the coming weeks and months as they sail around the globe aboard Insignia!




  1. Janice and Charles my wife and I are booked on the 2019 around the world cruise. We leave 10 months from today. I too am making excel spreadsheet checklists. I would love to see your checklists. Also interested in things that you learned you should have brought and left behind. Any insights on things we should be planning 10 months out. Lonnie and Evelyn lonnieandevelyn@koeltzow.com

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