Horseshoe Beach in Hamilton, Bermuda

By Guest Lecturer Lawrence Tartaglino

Bermuda has long been regarded as a perfect vacation spot for sightseers, water sports enthusiasts, honeymooners and lovers of British culture. From glimmering pink sand beaches, crystal clear waters and fascinating shipwrecks in which to dive to charming British culture and Caribbean calypso, Bermuda is a beautiful, inviting destination.

Horseshoe Beach

Even though Bermuda is very small in size – just 20 miles by 2 miles – its museums and art galleries add hints of urban sophistication. Anglophiles will delight in the history of the islands. From the bright red telephone booths used in London to the traditional white wigs that members of Parliament customarily use, you can admire the reminders of Bermuda’s British colonial past throughout the island. Meanwhile, its many fortresses draw history buffs and the varied landscape makes it idyllic for all manner of marine sports, hiking, golfing, or just lounging on a picture-perfect pink-sand beach.

Water sports enthusiasts are naturally frequent visitors to the islands. In 2017, Bermuda will be the privileged location for the 35th America’s Cup. It will be quite an event. The best sailors from around the world will be challenging the American defense of the cup. The challengers will be from New Zealand, Sweden, France, Great Britain, and Japan.


The boats, too, add a new level of excitement to these races. They are lightweight catamarans that use a fixed sail, much like an airplane wing, and skim, or foil, over the water. In perfect sailing conditions, the hull will actually rise out of the water, reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per hour!

The first race for the Cup was held in England, off the Isle of Wight, in 1851. The yacht America won the cup, and it was successfully defended for 132 years, before it was lost to Australia in 1983. From Australia, the Cup went back to the U.S., then to New Zealand, Switzerland, and finally, in 2010, back to the U.S. The Americans successfully defended the Cup in San Francisco in 2013. Because the City of San Francisco and Team Oracle, defenders of the Cup, were unable to reach an agreement for this year’s event, the competition was moved to Bermuda.

The colonial charm of Bermuda coupled with the excitement of America’s Cup and the breath-taking beaches makes this year’s voyages to the island a special treat. As an avid sailor myself, I look forward to meeting many of you in Bermuda in April and beyond to discuss the fascinating history of the “Auld Mug” and other fascinating traditions.

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About Guest Lecturer Lawrence Tartaglino

After a career in the pharmaceutical industry and serving as a tenured professor for many years, Lawrence has turned his attention to world travel and public speaking during retirement. He is also an avid sailor and dedicated runner, and enjoys spending time in his vegetable garden and cooking. Lawrence’s engaging speaking style and passion for travel make him a popular and entertaining speaker. Join him for an in-depth discussion of one of our many diverse destinations.




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