Located at the tip of the Arctic Circle, Iceland is a land of stunning contrasts shaped by the extreme forces of nature. Dubbed “The Land of Fire and Ice,” the North Atlantic island country is home to not only some of the largest glaciers in Europe, but also some of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is a country that never ceases to amaze nature lovers and it woos even the most seasoned travelers with its spectacular scenes. Here are our Destination Experts’ top reasons to travel to Iceland now.

Landscape Outside of Reykjavik

Grundarfjordur - shutterstock_155249498.jpg

The complete magic of the stark, otherworldly landscape outside of Reykjavik: explore the country’s impressive natural elements with a hike among lava formations, glacier flight-seeing or an adventure to roaring waterfalls. The sheer splendor and dramatic juxtaposition of the countryside will remind you why you travel.

Whale Watching


The cold waters off the coast of Iceland host over 20 species of Cetacea (marine mammals including whales and dolphins), particularly during the summer months. Glimpse orca, minke, humpback, blue whales and many others during a unique whale watching excursion.

The Blue Lagoon


This stunning geothermal spa, near Reykjavik, is one of the only locations on earth that you can swim in serene and warm aquamarine waters while surrounded by ice and snow. The contrasting dark and plain landscape makes for an absolutely captivating setting and is easily one of the most photographed attractions in Iceland.

BONUS: The Midnight Sun

What’s more unforgettable than sitting with puffins or hiking across lava fields with the ethereal midnight sun gracing your path? High summer is, without a doubt, the best time to visit Iceland and experience this magnificent phenomenon that is beyond words.

Begin planning your voyage to Iceland now!

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