We are excited to announce that our Executive Culinary Director, Jacques Pépin, has partnered with Sur La Table on an exciting new kitchen collection that has just recently launched. As purveyor of exclusive and premium-quality kitchen and dining goods, Sur La Table makes the perfect partner for Jacques, a world-renowned chef and host of acclaimed cooking programs.

Below, we caught up with Sur La Table for a behind-the-scenes look at The Jacques Pépin Collection.

How did the partnership come about – has Sur La Table partnered with Jacques Pépin before?
 We have had events with Jacques’s books but never partnered on a product line before. When Jacques was on a book tour last fall he came to our corporate office in Seattle for a book signing. Our CEO, Diane Neal, was so enamored with his artwork in the book that she thought it would be amazing if he would be willing to work with us on sharing his artwork on a tabletop line of products. We spoke with his agent and she shared our ideas with him and he loved the idea.

What is the concept behind the Kitchen Collection?

When we reviewed his body of work, we knew that we had to narrow down the themes and felt that the best focus would be chicken and vegetables for the collection.  Jacques approved all the designs and gave his input on what needed to be tweaked. We felt the best presentation would be in a tabletop and linen collection. To tie the themes together, we partnered with Jacques on an exclusive cookbook, Jacques Pépin Poulet & Legumes, which features a collection of his chicken and vegetable recipes with additional artwork, also available when the collection launches.

What are a few highlights from the collection?

To reflect Jacques European heritage, we chose a factory in Italy that has been making ceramic and earthenware pieces for almost a century.  The aprons and towels are 100% linen, and we have also added a copper pot and Staub Coq au Vin. The copper pot was a design Jacques used in France before he came to the U.S., and it has a special flat lid not currently available with copper pots.  This rare pot will be a limited edition out of 150.  The Staub Coq au Vin has a chicken brass knob designed by Jacques and is reminiscent of the chickens in the tabletop collection.  Both pieces compliment and perfectly complete the linen and tabletop collection.

Eager to cook with the legendary chef’s new collection?  Visit your nearest Sur La Table or SurLaTable.com! Plus, don’t miss out on Jacques’ Signature Sailing this fall.

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