When you’ve sailed everywhere in the world, what destination still enchants you? We
recently caught up with Captain Dimitrios Flokos, who is from the seaside town of Volos, Greece, and also happens to come from a long line of seafarers – both his grandfather and father were captains. He developed a deep love for the sea at an early age, and has been
with Oceania Cruises for many years. In fact, Captain Flokos has sailed around the world several times as one of our captains on Insignia’s amazing Around the World voyages. With all of this world travel, his top choice for a destination might come as a surprise to some Americans.

Dimitrios-Flokos_Captain-(1)“I have many favorite ports around the world, but there is something unique about sailing
into New York, past our Lady of Liberty along the New York City skyline and docking at the
Manhattan Cruise Terminal, Pier 88,” Captain Flokos explained. “This experience creates excitement, and a deep sense of pride and belonging regardless of your nationality.”


Stay tuned for more of our captains’ favorite destinations in the coming weeks – get inspired to return to your old favorites and discover exciting new locales with us.

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